About us.

Peeva the puggle

Peeva the puggle


Peeva, LLC is a technology company fully committed to resolving the missing pet epidemic by developing innovative tools and processes that streamline veterinary and shelter workflow.

We developed the worlds first and only standardized pet tracking system that makes use of microchip technology and big data to provide better healthcare and safety for pets. We are standardizing RFID and microchip technology to create a scalable solution for veterinary professionals, animal rescue organizations, and other pet service providers world wide. 

We provide ISO standardized pet ID microchips, centralized data management, handheld equipment and system integration. All our animal identification products are developed and produced based on 134.2 KHz ISO11784/85 FDX-B standards. Our microchips are approved by the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR). We devote ourselves to providing RFID solutions to animal tracking, companion animal health and wellness maintenance, and source-tracing management. 

By aligning with industry leaders in the veterinary space that include veterinary hospitals and clinics, pet insurance providers, and large scale data organizations such as VetData, Peeva will develop into a company that can provide complete solutions including pet microchip identification, application software and system integration. 

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