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Paws and Tents: Your Ultimate Guide to Glamping with Your Furry Friend

Imagine waking up to the soft rustling of leaves, the gentle morning light peeking through your tent, and the excited wagging of your furry friend’s tail, ready for a new day’s adventure. This is glamping with dogs, a trend that’s taking the pet-loving world by storm. Glamping, or glamorous camping, combines the joys of being in nature with the comforts of modern living, and it’s even better when shared with your four-legged companion.

Preparing for Your Glamping Adventure with Your Dog

Preparation is key to ensure a smooth and enjoyable glamping experience for both you and your pet. Start with a checklist. Essential items include your dog’s regular food, water and food bowls, a leash, waste bags, a comfortable bed, and a first-aid kit tailored for dogs. Don’t forget their favourite toys and a chew or two to keep them entertained.

It’s also important to consider your dog’s health before embarking on your glamping journey. Make sure their vaccinations are up to date and consider preventive treatments for fleas, ticks, and heartworm. If your dog isn’t used to spending much time outdoors, some pre-glamping training or short outdoor excursions can help acclimate them to the experience.

Choosing the Right Glamping Site

Selecting the right glamping site is crucial when you’re bringing your canine companion along. Not all glamping sites are pet-friendly, and even those that are might have specific rules or restrictions. Look for sites that not only allow dogs but also offer amenities for them, such as dog-friendly trails, off-leash areas, or even doggie day-care services.

Consider the location and the type of environment your dog is comfortable with. Is your dog a water lover or do they prefer forest trails? Does the site have enough space for them to play and explore safely? Answering these questions will help you find the perfect spot for your glamping getaway.

Best Glamping Sites with Dogs

Now, let’s talk about some of the best glamping sites where dogs are more than just welcome – they’re catered for. These sites often boast vast open spaces, scenic trails, and dog-friendly accommodations. For instance, the “Whispering Pines” site in Colorado offers luxurious yurts in a forest setting, complete with dog beds and bowls. Another great option is “Beachside Haven” in California, where dogs can play in the sand and swim in the sea, all while you enjoy the comfort of a fully-equipped beachside cabin.

Many of these top-rated sites go the extra mile to ensure both you and your pet have an unforgettable experience. They might offer special dog treats upon arrival, provide maps of dog-friendly trails, or even have a dedicated dog wash area for cleaning up after a day full of adventures. It’s these thoughtful touches that make these sites stand out as the best for glamping with your furry friend.

Glamping with Dogs: Activities and Safety

Glamping offers a plethora of activities that you can enjoy with your dog. Whether it’s hiking through serene trails, playing fetch in open meadows, or simply relaxing beside a warm campfire, these experiences can be enriching for both you and your pet. However, it’s essential to keep safety in mind. Always keep your dog on a leash or within your sight, especially in unfamiliar terrain. It’s also a good idea to carry a map of the area and be aware of any wildlife that you might encounter.

Additionally, consider the physical capabilities and temperament of your dog when choosing activities. Some dogs may love swimming, while others might prefer a quiet walk. Remember, the goal is to have a fun and safe experience for both of you. It’s also wise to carry a basic first-aid kit for dogs, which should include items like bandages, tick removal tools, and antiseptic wipes.

Setting Up a Pet-Friendly Glamping Space

Your glamping accommodation should be a comfortable retreat for both you and your dog. If you’re staying in a tent, ensure it’s spacious enough for your dog to move around comfortably. Bring along their favourite bed or blanket to give them a sense of home. If your accommodation is a cabin or a yurt, check for any potential hazards like small items your dog could swallow or places they could get stuck.

You might also consider setting up a small, fenced area where your dog can enjoy the outdoors safely. This can be especially useful if your dog is prone to wandering or if the site has wildlife nearby. Remember, the key is to create a space where your dog feels secure and relaxed.

Dining Al Fresco: Meal Planning for You and Your Dog

Meal planning is an integral part of your glamping adventure. For your dog, stick to their regular feeding schedule as much as possible to avoid any digestive issues. Dry kibble is convenient for travel, but you can also bring along some canned food or special treats to give them a little extra something during the trip. Always have fresh water available, and consider bringing a portable water bottle or bowl for your hikes and activities.

For your meals, choose easy-to-prepare options that require minimal cooking. You could prepare some meals ahead of time or opt for simple dishes like sandwiches, salads, or grilled foods. Remember, you’re there to relax and enjoy nature, so the simpler, the better. And, of course, always clean up after your meals to avoid attracting wildlife to your site.

Understanding and Respecting Nature and Wildlife

One of the joys of glamping is being surrounded by nature and wildlife. It’s a fantastic opportunity to teach your dog to respect these surroundings. Keep them on a leash when exploring to prevent them from chasing wildlife or disturbing the natural habitat. It’s also important to practice Leave No Trace principles, which include disposing of waste properly and minimising the impact on the environment.

Educate yourself about the local flora and fauna before your trip. Some plants can be harmful to dogs if ingested, so it’s important to be aware of these risks. Also, familiarise yourself with the types of wildlife in the area and how to safely coexist with them. Remember, you’re a visitor in their home, so it’s crucial to act responsibly and respectfully.

Navigating Challenges: Weather, Wildlife, and More

Glamping with your dog can be unpredictable, and being prepared for various challenges is crucial. Weather can change rapidly, so pack appropriate gear for both you and your pet, such as raincoats, warm clothing, and cooling mats or fans for hot days. Always have a plan for sheltering in extreme conditions, whether it’s a sturdy tent or a cabin.

Encounters with wildlife are another aspect to consider. Educate yourself on how to handle potential encounters with animals like bears, snakes, or even insects. Keep your dog on a leash to prevent them from chasing or provoking wildlife. Also, be aware of the risks of fleas and ticks in natural settings and take preventive measures.

Benefits of Glamping with Your Dog

The benefits of glamping with your furry friend are numerous. For dogs, it’s a chance to explore new environments, engage in physical activity, and enjoy mental stimulation. For you, it’s an opportunity to unwind, disconnect from the hustle of daily life, and strengthen your bond with your pet. This shared experience can improve both your mental and physical well-being, reducing stress and promoting happiness.

Moreover, glamping with your dog can deepen your understanding of their behaviour and needs. Observing them in a different setting provides insights into their personality and preferences, enhancing your connection and communication.


Glamping with your dog is not just a vacation; it’s an adventure that strengthens the bond between you and your pet. It’s about exploring the great outdoors, creating memories, and enjoying the simple pleasures of nature together. So, pack your bags, grab the leash, and set off on a glamping trip that you and your furry companion will cherish for years to come. Ready to embark on a pawsome adventure?

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