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Now veterinarians can scan any microchip to access a pet’s complete medical history!

A simple scan of a microchip will pull up a pet’s complete medical history and instantly notify a registered pet’s owner of the exact address, phone number, and the exact location on a map in one second.

All patents are pending or granted and under exclusive license.

Peeva is the world’s first and only standardized pet identification system

We make use of the RFID tag system and Pet Medical Records to bring lost pets back to their families as quickly as possible.

  • We are the first and only company to read, record, analyze and catalog and brand of microchip regardless of the manufacturer

  • Peeva saves veterinarians time by making the transfer of information quick and easy

  • Peeva ensures pet owners their pet’s microchips will be scanned and read

  • Any veterinarian in our network can access the complete medical information of any registered pet in our system.

Veterinarians CAN NOT manually search for pet records outside their office. The pet needs to be physically present for the microchip to get scanned. To learn how we safeguard data, please click here.

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“Any veterinarian that is looking to streamline workflow, reduce costs, eliminate internal redundancy, and be prepared to take on an influx of new business will want to make use of this universally standardized pet identification system. Millions of pet owners will be able to receive instant mobile notifications with their pet's exact whereabouts in real time as their pets' microchips are scanned. It truly is revolutionary.”

- James Albert DVM 


Want to be an early adopter?

SIGN UP BY JULY 1st and we will GIVE you all of the following AT NO COST

  • An inventory of our Universal Microchips for 12 months

  • Full access to Peeva

  • Universal Scanners for each examination room


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