Peeva Fetch!

Central Pet Microchip Registry and Medical Records Portal.

Peeva's technology is different from other microchip technology because it pairs pet microchip ID’s with their medical records into on central registry and Medical Records database. Peeva is the first and only company to read, record, analyze, and catalog any brand of microchip.

Imagine having the ability to access a pet’s complete medical history simply by scanning a microchip. Peeva makes the impossible possible.

At Peeva, we have developed the world’s first standardized pet tracking system for veterinarians, pet owners and rescue shelters that make use of the RFID tag system to find and save missing pets, bringing them home to their families as quickly as possible.

Peeva aggregates data from multiple sources and participating data sets, marries large data sets through patented referent tracking- creating a central registry, and instantly notifies a registered pet’s owner of the exact address and phone number of where their pet was scanned from anywhere in the world in seconds.

Peeva is creating a uniform cataloging system to meet the ISO standard of the EU and Canada. 

  • Works well with on and offline systems

  • This will be the first content management system for any field of medicine with flawless integration

  • Peeva is totally scalable and works with on and offline systems

  • Simple to use

  • Minimal training required… intuitive.

  • Medical records can be evoked simply by scanning a pets microchip.

By pairing pet microchip identification numbers with their own medical records into one central registry and pet portal, a simple scan with our Universal Scanner has numerous benefits for veterinary professionals. It saves time, reduces costs associated with redundant expenditures, and streamlines workflow. This ensures pet owners that their pet's microchip will be scanned and read in the event their pet ever winds up lost. 

For more information please see our FAQ page and our BIg data page