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Now you can access a pet’s complete medical history by scanning any brand of microchip and instantly notify pet owners with the exact location in seconds.

Our Veterinary partners have an average additional monthly revenue stream of $29,208 with no upfront cost

This is based on an average size practice with 6 examination rooms open 6 days per week and a C+ conversion rate.

  • Save time, reduce costs, and eliminate redundancy

  • Give pet owners the peace of mind that they will receive an instant notification of their pet’s location in the event that they are lost

  • Gain instant access to pet medical records at any veterinary hospital in the United States and Canada by scanning a microchip*

  • Pets that are chipped with other brands are enrolled into Peeva at no cost to the pet owner or your hospital

  • All pets that are implanted with Peeva microchips are also auto-enrolled into the pet microchip Lookup Tool

  • Peeva will supply you with our microchips, equipment, and access to our central registry at no cost to you and share with you half of each pet’s registration fee.

  • If your practice has an inventory of other brands microchips, you can register those with Peeva for the same fee that you will pass through to pet owner as you would a Peeva microchip.

  • Peeva’s microchips are universal and guaranteed to be read by all microchip scanners.

  • Veterinarians CAN NOT manually search for pet records outside their organization. The pet needs to be present for the microchip to be scanned. To learn how Peeva safeguards data, please click here.

Stipulations: Partnering with Peeva is an upfront investment by Peeva. All veterinary partners are vetted by Peeva’s due diligence and high standards of excellence. Partners are required to market Peeva to all pet owners by email where 1. owners of pets that are already chipped with other brands can confirm their accounts with Peeva at no cost to them or the hospital. 2. owners of pets that are not yet chipped can schedule an appointment to take advantage of our universal micochipping system. All veterinary staff are incentivized to scan every pet and explain Peeva’s benefits to the pet owner.