Did you know your pet's microchip can't be read by all microchip scanners?

Our technology ensures your pet's microchip will be scanned and read.

Peeva is the most effective way to ensure pet owners will be reunited with their lost pets. Our technology makes scanning for microchips the standard operating procedure for veterinary professionals by making the transfer of information quicker and easier which ensures microchips will be scanned and read.


If scanning for microchips was the standard for all veterinary professionals and shelters, the missing pet epidemic could be reduced exponentially. 

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Peeva can read all brands of microchips, link to a pet’s complete medical history, and instantly notify pet owners whenever their pet is scanned. 

Peeva universal pet microchips.png

Peeva microchips can be read by any other brands microchip scanner.

Peeva pet medical records.png

Your pet's medical records and more.

  • Lab histroy

  • Request appointments

  • Access veterinarian recommended Pet

  • Care Guides

  • Upload pictures of their pets

  • Request medication refills

Peeva central pet registry.png

Peeva technology is different from other microchip technology because we pair millions of pet microchip ID’s with their medical records into one central registry. 

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Register your pet with Peeva and be instantly notified in seconds, by text, and email when your pet’s microchip is scanned with the exact address and telephone number where your pet was scanned from.


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