Peeva Announces Universal Pet Microchip Scanner

Peeva Announces Universal Pet Microchip Scanner

Device Represents Unprecedented, Standardized Solution to Save Millions of Missing Pets

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Peeva today announced its universal microchip scanner – the only standardized scanning solution for pet owners and medical experts across the U.S., Canada and European Union. The technology represents an unprecedented solution to save millions of missing pets and reunite them with their families. 

Peeva’s device is the first and only universal scanner to record, analyze and catalog a pet’s microchip regardless of brand, frequency or encryption. Its unprecedented technology connects veterinarians with electronic medical record (EMR) databases and enables real-time mobile notifications for owners whose missing pets are scanned.

“Microchips are the standard for tracking lost dogs and cats, but no scanner – to date – has been able to read the range of chips encountered by veterinarians and shelters,” said Peeva CEO and Co-Founder Michael Hamilton. “Our standardized solution represents a game changer that can save millions of pets’ lives.”

Peeva’s device also represents the next generation solution to address a growing epidemic. One third of all pets are reported missing in their lifetime, with nearly 80 percent of them stolen or put in animal shelters, and more than 10 million killed in the U.S. every year. The technology was developed and tested with support from the University at Buffalo’s Graduate Department of Biomedical Engineering.

About Peeva

Peeva develops unprecedented technology to save millions of missing pets and return them to their families. The company’s universal microchip scanner standardizes radio-frequency identification (RFID) and microchip technology to create the only scalable solution for pet owners, veterinarians and shelters. To learn more, visit