Did you know your pet’s microchip can not be read by all microchip scanners?

Every pet owner should be ensured that their pet’s microchip is scanned and read.

The missing pet problem is an epidemic. That is why you had a microchip implanted in your pet. If scanning for microchips was the standard for all veterinarians and shelters than the epidemic could be reduced to a manageable problem.

Microchips are an extremely reliable technology that will work 100% of the time if scanned and properly registered.

The problem is different microchip companies have different microchip scanners, frequencies, and registries so the liklihood of your pet’s chip being read is very low.

Our microchips are universal and can be read by all microchip scanners and our system works well with scanners that can read all microchips.


Instant Notification


SMS and EMAIL notifications

Peeva will notify you by SMS and email when your pet is scanned from anywhere with the address, telephone number, and exact location on a map in seconds.

We are pairing millions of pet microchip ID’s with their own medical records in one central location.

Your pet’s Medical Records

Pet Medical Records

Pet Medical Records

Pet owners that register their pet’s microchip with Peeva have instant access to their pet’s medical records at all times which is especially convenient during times when traveling across time zones if medical treatment is needed or when simply presenting proof that vaccinations are up to date at doggy daycare or the pet groomer. Pet owners can pull up their pet’s vaccination histories and the date last given on their smartphone.

If your pet already has a microchip that can’t be read by all microchip scanners. Thats OK too. Peeva ensures any brand of pet microchip will be read, regardless of the manufacturer. 

peeva universal pet tracking.png

We are the first and only company to read, record, analyze, and catalog any brand of microchip regardless of the manufacturer.