By partnering with us, veterinarians can give pet owners peace of mind that they will receive instant notification of their pet’s location in the event that they are lost and by using the veterinary administration access level, the veterinarian will have instant access to their medical records at any veterinary hospital in the United States and Canada.


At Peeva, we have developed the world’s first standardized pet tracking system for veterinarians, pet owners and rescue shelters that make use of the RFID tag system to find and save missing pets, bringing them home to their families as quickly as possible.


By pairing millions of pet microchip identification numbers with their own medical records into one central registry and pet portal, a simple scan with our Universal Scanner will instantly notify a registered pet’s owner of the exact address and phone number of where their pet was scanned from anywhere in the world in seconds.


Peeva is the first and only company to read, record, analyze and catalog any brand of microchip regardless of the manufacturer.

Imagine having the ability to access a pet’s complete medical history simply by scanning a microchip. 

Peeva makes the impossible possible.

Millions of pet microchip ID's paired with millions of pet medical records in one location. 

Notably lower IT costs

  • Elimination of costly infrastructure requirements,

  • More frequent technology updates,

  • Frequent upgrades opposed to adaptive IT costs (no need to purchase additional software or hardware… ever)

  • Faster overall rollout with a quicker path to ROI.

Streamlined Workflow

The ability to instantaneously pull up medical internal records (internally)

  1. Saves time

  2. Simplifies practice management

  3. Reduces costs and time spent on redundant functions such as:

  • phone calls

  • faxing

  • manual searching

  • filing

  • less clerical staff to perform those functions.


Peeva integrates with the leading Electronic Medical Records systems veterinarians already have in place.

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