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What would you do if somebody stole your dog?

You would want to be ensured that his microchip was read - let alone scanned - correct?  After all if scanning for microchips was the standard for all vets and shelters, the missing pet epidemic could be reduced to a manageable problem. Unfortunately, no truly universal scanner to date could read the full range of microchips encountered by vets and shleters when they received missing pets so pets are seldom recovered. In fact, nearly 90% of all dogs and cats in the US that are reported missing are never seen ever again. They remain stolen or killed in shelters. In fact one third of all dogs and catsin the United States  are reported missing in their lifetime and every one is killed in a shelter every 13 seconds.

We developed a universal microchip scanner can read all brands of microchips regardless of their frequency, and record, anaylze and catalogue, any brand of microchip regardless of it's manufacturer... and pull up a pets complete medical history - simply by scanning it's microchip, .... and instantly notify pet owners whenever their pets microchip has been scanned (from anywhere on the planet) telling them who last scanned it with the address and telephone number of the place it was scanned from where -- anywhere on the planet -- in about 3 seconds so they can get their pet back.  Learn More