AKC Reunite: Comparison of microchipping service with Peeva

Peeva is the only microchip registry that combines microchip IDs with pet medical records. Additionally, we instantly notify pet owners with exact location details when their pet’s microchip is scanned, offering convenience and peace of mind.

AKC Reunite: Comparison of microchipping service with Peeva

The Peeva advantage is clear.


AKC Reunite
24/7 support
Secure pet portal
Microchip scan can pull up health record
Microchip scan alerts pet owners with exact location
Microchip works with all scanners
Centralized pet registry
Plays nicely with other systems
Lost pet alerts
Pet owner verification
Alert owner of duplicate registration attempts
Works with law enforcement

AKC Reunite Lacks Advanced Security for Owner Verification and Duplicate Registration Alerts

AKC Reunite lacks advanced security features such as pet owner verification and alerts for duplicate registration attempts. This gap in service can lead to potential risks in pet safety, including fraudulent claims and identity theft of pets. Peeva’s system not only verifies the rightful owner but also proactively informs them of any attempt to incorrectly register their pet’s microchip. This level of security is absent in AKC Reunite basic microchipping services, leaving a crucial aspect of pet protection unaddressed.

Health Records Access is Not Available with AKC Reunite Microchips

AKC Reunite microchipping service doesn’t provide the ability to access a pet’s health records, a significant feature offered by Peeva. This lack of integration means pet owners using AKC Reunite miss out on the convenience and critical benefits of having immediate access to their pet’s complete medical history, especially in emergency situations. Peeva, on the other hand, ensures comprehensive care by linking health information directly to the pet’s microchip.

AKC Reunite Microchips Fail to Integrate with Other Pet Systems

AKC Reunite’s microchipping service operates primarily within its own system, offering limited integration with other pet-related systems and databases. This contrasts sharply with Peeva’s technology, which is designed for seamless interoperability, ensuring pets’ data is accessible across various platforms. AKC Reunite approach restricts the scope of information sharing, hindering efficient pet care management.

AKC Reunite Does Not Provide Immediate Pet Location Alerts

Peeva distinguishes itself from AKC Reunite with a critical feature for pet owners: the ability to receive immediate location alerts when their pet’s microchip is scanned. This functionality offers a significant advantage in pet safety. If your pet wanders off and someone scans their Peeva microchip, you’ll be instantly alerted to their exact location. This rapid response capability is vital for quick reunions and can be a lifesaver in stressful situations. While AKC Reunite provides valuable pet recovery services, it lacks this immediate, precise location notification feature. Peeva’s commitment to using advanced technology for pet safety makes it a superior choice for pet owners who prioritize quick and accurate information in locating their lost pets.

Collaboration with Law Enforcement is Missing in AKC Reunite Recovery Services

Another key feature where AKC Reunite lags behind is in providing instant location alerts when a pet’s microchip is scanned. This limitation is significant, as it affects the speed and efficiency of pet recovery. Peeva’s ability to offer real-time location updates represents a major advantage in pet safety, ensuring swift reunions, a feature not available with AKC Reunite services.
of missing pets are NEVER found
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Peeva is resolving the missing pet problem with a critical mass of data and a standard procedure of microchip scanning for thousands of pet professionals.

of ALL dogs and cats in the United States go missing

Peeva has improved veterinary healthcare by providing personalized medicine, prescriptive analytics, clinical risk intervention, predictive analytics, automated reporting, standardized medical terms, and patient registries from fragmented points.

dogs and cats in the United States
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With millions of microchip IDs paired with pet medical records in one database, any pet professional can simply scan the microchip of any pet enrolled with Peeva to access a complete medical history while instantly notifying the pet owner of their location.

Pay Once, Protect Your Pet for Life

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Frequently Asked Questions

Peeva’s microchip uniquely alerts you of your pet’s exact location upon scanning, a feature not available with AKC Reunite. This ensures quick and precise location tracking for lost pets.
Yes! Both services offer microchips that work with all standard scanners, ensuring widespread compatibility and ease of scanning.
Yes, Peeva’s microchips ‘play nicely’ with various systems, ensuring seamless integration and data sharing, a feature that enhances its utility compared to AKC Reunite.
Yes, both services maintain a centralized Pet Registry, making it easier to manage and access your pet’s information.
Peeva sends lost pet alerts to a wide network of pet professionals with updated contact information, providing a more extensive search capability than AKC Reunite.
Yes, Peeva’s microchip allows you to pull up your pet’s health record instantly upon scanning, a convenient feature for managing your pet’s health that AKC Reunite does not provide.
Peeva includes a pet owner verification process and alerts you of any duplicate registration attempts, ensuring the security of your pet’s identity, a measure not offered by AKC Reunite.