Frequently Asked Questions

What is Peeva?

Peeva is a technology company that is committed to resolving the missing pet problem with proprietary tools (hardware, firmware, and software) that streamline veterinary and shelter workflow. Peeva is the first and only end-to-end universal pet microchip identification system and centralized database that marries large and disparate data sets to bring lost pets back to their families as quickly as possible. Millions of Microchip IDs are paired with their own Medical Records in one Centralized Pet Database to ensure all pet microchips are scanned and read. Veterinary professionals can access the complete life histories of pets by simply scanning their microchips and instantly notify pet owners of the exact location at the exact second it happens to get their pets back as quickly as possible.

Peeva is resolving three problems.

  1. The missing pet epidemic
  2. Lack of standardization
  3. Fragmented industry

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Peeva has three products.

  1. Peeva Fetch: Our central pet microchip registry and electronic medical records portal.
  2. Peeva Arf-ID: Our microchips are tiny, and can be read by all microchip scanners.
  3. Peeva Microchip Scanners: We have developed scanners that can read all pet microchips regardless of the brand, or frequency. We can even read encrypted microchips.

Our mission is to make microchip scanning the standard for all veterinary professionals, shelters, and rescue groups because every pet owner should have the confidence and peace of mind in knowing their pet’s microchips will be scanned and read. The missing pet problem in the US is an epidemic that could be reduced to a manageable problem if microchip scanning was the standard for all veterinarians and shelters. Peeva is making microchip scanning the standard by streamlining workflow.

The cost of registering any brand of microchip with Peeva online is as low as $5/month.

If you are a pet owner talk to your vet. If you are a pet care professional, please contact

Pet owners are instantly notified by mobile SMS and email notifications whenever their pet is scanned with the name of the practice where their pet was scanned from, the address, telephone number, and exact location on a map in seconds.

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