Simplifying Pet Vet Records Management for Enhanced Veterinary Care

Imagine the incredible possibility of accessing a pet’s complete medical history with a simple microchip scan. What was once thought impossible is now a reality.

The Future of Pet Registries

Peeva Fetch makes the extraordinary a reality as a secure, permission-based, PIMS-integrated solution, uniting millions of pet microchip IDs with pet medical records in a centralized database, giving you the information you need.

Unlock the Power of Data

We’re tackling data challenges with a wealth of information. However, this naturally raises questions about its origins, usage, presentation, and safeguarding. Know that your trust and privacy are our utmost priorities.

Practice Information Management Software (PIMS)

“Any veterinarian that is looking to streamline workflow, reduce costs, eliminate internal redundancy, and be prepared to take on an influx of new business will want to make use of this universally standardized pet identification system. Millions of pet owners will be able to receive instant mobile notifications with their pet's exact whereabouts in real-time as their pets' microchips are scanned. It truly is revolutionary.”
James Albert DVM
National Veterinary Associaties
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Elevate Pet Care with Microchips

Peeva offers veterinarians the key to a new level of personalized and compassionate care. Access a pet’s complete medical history, vaccinations, dietaries, and lab results with the quick scan of a microchip.

Revolutionary Scanning Technology

Our scanners redefine possibilities. They’re capable of reading all pet microchips regardless of brand, frequency, and even encryption. Join us for a new era of compatibility and reliability that will make your job easier.

Features & Functions

As the world’s largest universally standardized pet microchip identification system, we serve as a unified hub for electronic health records, dedicated to your pets’ well-being.

Connected Care and Simplicity

A truly connected healthcare experience hinges on the right digital foundation. We grasp the importance of simplicity, unification, and efficiency in every facet of our system.

Cloud-Enabled Convenience

Our core mission is to support veterinarians in delivering efficient, high-quality care to their patients. We achieve this by granting instant access to comprehensive medical histories.

Total Transparency

Peeva offers item-level visibility and precise insight into every medical record update. You'll know who made the update, what type of record it was, the time of update, and its origin.

Centralized Database

We're introducing groundbreaking innovation to the pet industry. Our centralized database connects diverse and extensive data sets, presenting them in a user-friendly interface.

Better Care

Peeva seamlessly gathers medical histories and ownership information from various fragmented sources, making it readily accessible and effortless for veterinarians.

Streamlined Workflow

Instantly retrieving records from external sources reduces phone calls, faxing, and manual searches. This accelerates workflow for veterinarians and significantly lowers administrative costs.

EMR Integration

We seamlessly integrate RFID data with existing EMR systems within Peeva to simply the transfer of vital health information.

Quick & Easy

Our streamlined operations lead to quicker searches, yielding improved performance and cost-effectiveness. The ultimate outcome? A significantly higher rate of reunification.

Secure & Private

We refrain from storing, retaining, or accessing veterinary hospital communications, transaction details, pricing, pet owner expenditure, payment methods, or hospital expenses.

Intuitive Interface

We empower veterinarians with the seamless exchange of a pet's complete medical history, bridging the gap from vital patient alerts to instant access to detailed health records.

Automated Communication

When pet medical records are updated, pet owners receive direct updates via our portal. This means you can shift your focus from constant communication to essential tasks.

Omni Search

Seamlessly search within your practice. Find clients or pet owners by name, locate pets, access contact details and crucial information like due dates, reminders, and patient alerts.

Enhance Efficiency, Focus on Growth

Save time, reduce costs, and eliminate redundancy. Free up valuable resources for you to concentrate on business expansion and success.

Give Peace of Mind

Demonstrate your commitment to pet safety by reassuring pet owners with the certainty of instant notifications about their pet's location, should they ever become lost.

Get Instant Access

Gain immediate access to comprehensive pet medical records using our universally compatible scanners, which can read any microchip.

Receive Partnership Benefits

Peeva provides microchips, equipment, and access to our centralized pet registry at no cost to you. Instead, we mutually benefit by sharing half of each pet's registration fee.

Unlock Revenue for Your Practice

Join our network of veterinary partners and tap into an average additional monthly revenue stream of $29,208 – all with no upfront cost (these figures are based on an average practice size, featuring six examination rooms, open six days per week, and a C+ conversion rate).