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Send a Lost Pet Alert Today

Peeva was created to prevent situations just like this. Microchips are the only permanent form of pet IDs. Choosing the right registry is just as important. Peeva is the most reliable, robust, and universal registry available. Register any brand of microchip with Peeva to get started.

$5/month for Peace of Mind

Consider the advantages of Peeva’s service, compared to free online pet posts. Rest assured knowing you have a support system ready to help you if your pet should ever go missing.

Free Online Pet Posts

$5/month for complete access to Peeva’s services


Send a lost pet alert to veterinarians, shelters and rescues in a 50-mile radius of your pet’s last known location

Hope someone that might have information about your pet sees your pet post

A universal microchip, pet recovery system, centralized dashboard, and pet medical records system

A single online pet post with a description that cannot be updated

24/7/365 support from our pet reunification specialists (real people)

Over-the-phone lost pet support is not offered

Receive an instant and automated text and email alert the second your pet’s microchip is scanned with location details

Manually monitor new found pet posts by veterinarians, shelters, and rescues

Microchip IDs are paired with pet medical records equipping veterinarians and shelters with the vital information they need with a simple scan

A veterinarian or shelter will have to contact you and wait for you to provide them with your pet’s medical records which could take time

Losing Pets Are a Nightmare

With Peeva’s lost pet alerts, you can take action immediately. From your dashboard, send automated alerts to every pet care professional within a 50-mile radius of where your pet was last seen. Register any brand of microchip with Peeva Fetch.

All-in-One Solution at Your Fingertips

Our solution brings together the very best: a universal microchip, pet recovery system, dashboard to upload pictures and information, and pet medical records system that can be accessed from any smartphone or computer.

Unmatched Pet Protection

Unlock all of Peeva’s features and get lifetime protection for as low as $5/month. Peeva is contacted even if your pet ends up at a vet or shelter outside of our network with our public API. Enroll any brand of microchip today.