Peeva is very active in the pet lover community. We actively organize pet microchipping popups and sponsor other pet related events.

Why Should Your Pet Get Microchipped?

Pets are cherished family members and the anguish of their disappearance can be overwhelming. Despite our best efforts, we can’t always shield them from every danger.
The uncertainty and pain of not knowing their whereabouts is a heavy burden to bear.

But there’s hope. Pet microchipping is a small, yet powerful tool that can safeguard our beloved companions and offer the comfort of knowing that, if they are ever separated from us, they can be identified and safely returned to their loving homes.

Microchipping is Simple & Effective

In those heart-wrenching moments when your pet goes missing, a tiny miracle lies beneath their skin—the microchip. This unassuming hero carries a unique identification number that can make all the difference in reuniting you with your favorite companion, safe and sound.

The microchipping process is swift and pets hardly feel a thing. It requires the expertise of a skilled veterinarian, ensuring your pet's safety throughout the procedure. With a microchip, your pet carries a lifeline to their home, so you can breathe easy, knowing they have an extra layer of protection.

Microchipping Could Cost You $0

We understand that costs can be a concern. That's why we host popup events where pets can get microchipped for free! These events are made possible through the collaboration of dedicated animal rescue groups and pet enthusiasts, all committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our lovely pets.

The benefits don't stop there. Even if your pet is already microchipped, you're still welcome to join us. Our events have a variety of pet-related vendors to explore. You can also take the opportunity to "check the chip" to ensure your pet’s microchip is correctly registered.

Want to host a pop-up event?

If you are interested in hosting a Peeva Microchip Pop-Up Event or need a sponsor for a pet related event, please let us know!