Integrity and Security in Microchip Ownership Transfers

Shield Against Pet Theft: Registration Checks and Balances

At Peeva, we’ve implemented rigorous checks and balances for online registrations to ensure we’re not inadvertently facilitating pet theft. Consider this scenario: if someone were to steal your dog and your pet’s microchip is either clearly visible on their collar or scanned outside of our network, would it be fair to you if we allowed just anyone to register your pet with our service without verifying their ownership? Absolutely not!

Peeva’s commitment to pet safety is unwavering. When any pet owner registers their pet’s microchip with Peeva, they receive instant notifications with precise location details the moment their pet is scanned by any veterinary professional, shelter, or rescue organization within our extensive US and Canadian network. Rest assured, we’ve got your pet’s back.


To register a microchip with us, we require pet owners to enter their complete personal information. This information is further authenticated by the inclusion of payment details, ensuring the utmost security and accuracy in our registration process.

A Microchip Can Only Be Registered With Peeva Once

Our system is immediately alerted when there is a duplicate registration attempt. We reach out to owners to understand if there's a legitimate reason for the duplication, such as selling the pet. If the pet was stolen, we collaborate with law enforcement to take immediate action. Our mission is to protect pets and their rightful owners.


We independently verify each microchip with the registry associated with the selected brand, cross-referencing the ownership details. If we detect any discrepancies, we take immediate action. We'll contact the other registry and collaborate with them to facilitate the return of any stolen animals. Your pet's protection is our priority.

Change of Ownership

We have a dedicated team of Pet Reunification Specialists available around the clock to respond to calls. Our team conducts thorough searches in Peeva, the lookup tool, and other databases before proceeding with any registration. If a pet is registered in another database, we require the completion of a Change of Ownership form.

Pet Owner Confidentiality

At Peeva, we understand that as pet owners, you may have concerns about how we manage the vast amount of data related to your pets. We want to provide you with a clear understanding of our practices and how we handle this information. Through collaborations with reputable organizations in the pet and technology sectors, as well as high-volume hospitals, we’ve developed a system that allows us to compile extensive datasets in a secure and permission-based solution called Peeva Fetch.

The data we collect is shared exclusively with trusted veterinary offices and accessible only through secure login accounts; it is not available to the general public. Our database is protected and can be accessed only through a private network, which is strictly limited to the web server hosting our application and our development team. Public access to this database is restricted. When data is transferred from our web server to end-users, it is always done through a secure and encrypted connection.

Your pet’s privacy and data security are of utmost importance to us. If you seek more information about Peeva’s privacy policy and terms of service, please feel free to visit the dedicated pages for a comprehensive overview.

Pet Ownership Transfer

To transfer the ownership of a pet registered with Peeva to a new owner, please complete this form. 

To complete the transfer, Peeva requires proof of ownership documentation to confirm your status as the new rightful owner of your pet. Proof of ownership documentation can be any of the following:

  1. A pet adoption agreement from your rescue or shelter organization.
  2. A pet license from your city or town.
  3. A pet rabies certificate.
  4. Vet records or bills that are in your name.
  5. Approval from the pet’s current owner.

After the transfer is successfully processed, you will receive an email confirmation to register the animal to yourself as the new pet owner by selecting your preferred subscription plan.

*In the rare event that the previous owner contests the transfer, we will temporarily place the transfer request on hold. A member of our support team will then contact all parties involved to confirm whether the transfer can be processed.

Previous Pet Owner Information

New Pet Owner Information