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Get to know Peeva and learn all about our perspective on being a pet owner.

Peeva on Full Throttle Aristotle

Michael Hamilton, the founder of Peeva, is interviewed on Full Throttle Aristotle Podcast.

Episode 176

Host Julian Torres interviews Michael Hamilton, the founder and CEO of Peeva – the first and only universal pet microchip identification system, central pet microchip registry, and unified database of electronic medical records for pets.

His Chip is Inside 176,000 Dogs, $1m in Revenue...

Nathan Latka interviews Michael Hamilton about Peeva’s pet microchip ID system and central medical database.

Peeva Commercial

Peeva is the most comprehensive and actively searched pet microchip registry there is because we pair microchip IDs with their own respective pet medical records. Protect your pet for life.

Are You a Good Pet Owner?

Are you a good pet owner? Your pets are with you for the long haul so you need to be there for them as well.

Pet Microchips & Pet Medical Records

In this testimonial, Dr Albert explains Peeva’s value as not only a solution to saving millions of missing pet’s, but the opportunity around the problem for Veterinarians from a business development and ROI standpoint.

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