Our microchips CAN be read by all microchip scanners.

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Did you know not all microchips can read by all microchip scanners?

Each Microchip is thoroughly tested before individually packaged.

Each pouch contains a disposable syringe (all in one medical-grade, extra-sharp, double bevel needle syringe for easy insertion) a parylene coating microchip, 6 one-dimensional bar code labels.

Microchipping best practices are to scan the pet for presence of a microchip prior to implanting, then to scan the microchip in it’s packaging to verify the number, and finally to scan the pet again after implantation to ensure the microchip’s proper placement and to make sure it did not back out with the needle.

Peeva microchips are slightly smaller than conventional microchips and detected at a slightly farther range.

Being slightly smaller means the process in which our microchips are implanted will not be any more invasive or painful for your pet than a routine vaccination.