Helping Shelters & Rescues Reunite Pets with Owners

Unlock a pet’s entire life history with our universal microchips and scanners. Instantly alert pet owners with your precise location, increasing reunification rates.

Save Pets. Check the Chip.

We initially aimed to bridge the gap between pet owners and veterinary services by making processes simple and effective. Now, Peeva is pioneering continuous communication and data exchange in veterinary care, transforming the entire ecosystem. Shelters and rescues are the natural next step in our progression.

Unified Pet Identification & Medical Records

Learning new systems can be a hassle, especially with the abundance of Shelter Management Software choices. Peeva, on the other hand, seamlessly integrates with leading software already in use. We collaborate with your team to understand your needs and provide a customized solution that maximizes your life-saving potential and financial gains.

Features & Benefits

Imagine being able to retrieve identifying information for every pet? Peeva is first and only to read, record, analyze and catalog any brand of microchip regardless of the manufacturer.

Seamless Integration

Peeva seamlessly integrates with existing systems, offering global access to medical records. No need to learn new software!. Peeva unifies multiple sources into one convenient portal.

Cloud-Based Database

Peeva facilitates direct connections among various stakeholders in the animal welfare ecosystem, enabling instant transfer of crucial pet medical data and improving performance.

Convenience & Reduced Costs

Peeva speeds up processes by offering efficient access, automated communication, and reduced processing time. Our services empower shelters and rescues to cut IT costs and scale effectively.

Millions of Pets Enrolled

Any pet professional in our network can scan a pet's microchip to instantly retrieve their full medical and ownership history, while notifying the owner of the pet's precise location.

Critical Mass

With each new hospital onboarding, we consolidate thousands of microchip IDs and their corresponding medical records into Peeva Fetch, a unified electronic health records database for pets.

Big Data & Analytics

Peeva has revolutionized pet care through personalized medicine, prescriptive analytics, clinical risk intervention, predictive analytics, automated reporting, standardized medical terminology, and unified patient registries, eliminating the need for fragmented solutions.

Total Transparency

Peeva offers item-level visibility and detailed tracking of medical record updates, including user, type, time, and location. Only rightful pet owners can modify contact details and ownership.

Universal & Centralized

Our scanner reads any microchip brand, and our microchips can be read by any scanner. We enroll all brands into our database, no matter the format or source PIMS software.

Pet Medical Records

Integration of RFID data with existing EMR systems automates processes, resulting in savings. Shelters and rescues can efficiently manage extensive records and access medical data.


Microchip Replenishment & Rewards Program

We offer our software, scanners, and an inventory of ISO 11784/11785 microchips at no cost to you. Instead, we share revenue gained from implants and registrations.

Batch Uploader: Peeva can pull data in batches from anywhere!

Peeva centralizes pet and pet owner records, setting the foundation for long-term organization. Export your microchip IDs and owner data to Peeva. We’ll handle the rest, organizing it for maximum utility.

Enhance Efficiency, Focus on Growth

Save time, reduce costs, and eliminate redundancy. Free up valuable resources for you to concentrate on business expansion and success.

Give Peace of Mind

Reassure pet owners with the certainty of instant notifications about their pet's location should they ever become lost, demonstrating your commitment to their pet’s safety.

Get Instant Access

Gain immediate access to comprehensive pet medical records using our universally compatible scanners, which can read any microchip.

Receive Partnership Benefits

Peeva provides microchips, equipment, and access to our centralized pet registry at no cost to you. Instead, we mutually benefit by sharing half of each pet's registration fee.

Maximize Life-Saving Potential, Minimize Time and Costs

We offer our software, scanners, and an inventory of microchips at no cost, plus our Microchip Replenishment and Rewards Program.