Data & Tracking

Privacy is very important to us.

At Peeva, we’re dedicated to resolving data-related challenges in the most secure and effective manner. This commitment naturally raises questions for both veterinary practices and pet owners regarding the type of data we handle, how we acquire it, our data management practices, and its usage. It’s crucial to highlight that Peeva does not backup, store, retain, or access internal communications, transaction details, pricing information, payment methods, hospital expenses, or any payment-related data from veterinary hospitals.

Our strict protocol ensures that hospitals can’t conduct comprehensive searches beyond their own organization unless it’s a one-off instance for individual pet microchip scanning. Veterinarians do not have manual access to search for pet records from other hospitals. The pet’s presence and a microchip scan are necessary to access their medical records. Within the Peeva network, any veterinary provider can retrieve a pet’s complete medical history from another veterinary provider, contingent on the pet’s presence for microchip scanning.

For in-depth information about Peeva’s privacy policy and terms of service, please refer to the respective pages.

At Peeva, we are dedicated to ensuring the highest level of data security and confidentiality, which is particularly crucial in a veterinary practice. The data we obtain is exclusively shared with trusted veterinary partner offices. This information is accessible only behind secure login accounts, ensuring complete privacy.

Our database, which houses this data, is strictly accessible through a private network connected to the web server hosting the application. The Peeva development team utilizes this data, and the database is fortified against public access. Additionally, all data transfers between the web server and end-users are encrypted to guarantee the utmost data privacy.

It’s important to clarify the data that Peeva does not possess, which includes social demographic information, internal veterinary hospital communications, transaction specifics, pricing details, pet owner expenditure, pet owner payment methods, and hospital spending.

We do not share any internal communications at other veterinary practices, pricing information, pet owner information outside their organization, or pet records outside their own organization unless it’s for a one-off instance during individual pet microchip scanning. Your patients’ data security is our top priority.

The medical data pet owners have about their pets is consistent with that of the veterinary professionals, ensuring seamless and unrestricted access to vital health information. For pet owner data, it’s important to highlight that all pets registered with Peeva do so with the owner’s consent, at every step, and with their full understanding of our privacy policy and terms of service. Owners of pets chipped with other brands receive invitations from the hospital to confirm their accounts, and this process incurs no cost to the practice or the pet owner.

In the Peeva system, pet owner data is entered manually and voluntarily by the pet owner, providing them with complete control. This information includes personal contact details such as their mobile phone number, preferred email, the ability to add additional details about their pet, upload their pet’s photo, and specify trusted backup contacts. Trusted backup contacts are also required to agree to our privacy policy and terms of service to ensure a consistent commitment to data privacy and protection.

Every pet owner who enrolls their pet into Peeva must first agree to our terms of service and privacy policy, signifying their consent. Through this agreement, they “opt-in” to receive SMS and email instant notifications from us. These notifications include essential information such as the precise address and telephone number of the scanning location, ensuring pet owners are always informed in seconds. We provide pet owners with the option to manage these notifications by enabling or disabling them in their account settings.

Contact Information Display: Pet owners are also be presented with the option to agree or disagree on having their contact information displayed, including their physical resident address, to the veterinary user. The flexibility is in their hands, and they can change or delete this information in their account settings at any time.

Rich Pet Data: Our platform contains a wealth of data on a macro level. We have detailed insights into the number of pets seen at each veterinary location over various timeframes, whether annually, monthly, weekly, or daily. Additionally, we can provide data on new pet patients and microchip statistics, broken down by species. These insights extend to the number of dogs and cats visiting at least twice a year at each location. With this comprehensive information, we can make well-informed predictions about the conversion rates when onboarding new veterinary hospitals.

In terms of individual pet data, Peeva offers an extensive array of information beyond basic details such as breed, species, date of birth, gender, and spay/neuter history. It encompasses vital data including medical alerts, complete medical histories, vaccination records, visit history, diagnoses, dietary preferences, lab diagnostics results, and prescription records, providing veterinarians with a holistic view of each pet’s health and needs.

Coexisting Data Harmony: At Peeva, we’ve created a system where data from VetData and our proprietary data coexist seamlessly. Both types of data are displayed within our system without the risk of overwriting each other. Importantly, Peeva maintains read-only access to the data obtained from VetData, ensuring it remains unaltered. Similarly, data brought in from VetData does not have the capability to overwrite any existing Peeva data.

Pet Owner Access: Pet owners enjoy access to specific information about their pets while also having limited access to their pet’s medical records. We prioritize data security and privacy, ensuring pet owners can view their pet’s details and essential medical information.

Data Procurement: Peeva collaborates with leading organizations in the pet and technology sector, as well as high-volume hospitals, to aggregate extensive data sets. Through our secure and permissions-based PIMS-integrated solution, known as Peeva Fetch, we created a centralized database. In this database, millions of pet microchip identification numbers are paired with their corresponding pet medical records.

Each time we onboard a new hospital, we effectively combine thousands of microchip identification numbers with the associated pet medical records within Peeva Fetch. This dynamic process continually enriches our database, enabling us to provide valuable and comprehensive information to veterinarians and pet owners alike.

For all pets that are already microchipped with another brand of microchip, Peeva offers an easy seamless registration process at no cost to both the pet owner and the hospital. The pet owner only needs to confirm their account, agreeing to our terms of service and privacy policy, to take advantage of this service.

We are dedicated to developing products and services aimed at reuniting missing pets with their families promptly. Rest assured, we uphold strict data privacy and security measures, never sharing or selling data with anyone other than the rightful pet owner or the attending veterinary professional during treatment.

Our groundbreaking platform has been designed to meet the unique data management needs of veterinary practices. By introducing a system that efficiently stores, tracks, and retrieves data, we aim to significantly enhance the way you manage patient information. This advanced system is not only compatible with various content management systems but can also be accessed through web browsers and mobile devices. It eliminates the need for additional software or on-site installations, making data management easier and more effective for your practice.