Public API

Pets Can Be Found Anywhere with Our Public API

In our extensive network of pet care professionals, any enrolled pet’s complete life history becomes readily accessible with a simple microchip scan. This not only empowers pet professionals to provide better care but also ensures pet owners are instantly notified of their pet’s precise location if they are ever lost.

However, our commitment to reuniting pets extends beyond our network. We are resolute in our mission to guarantee that every pet registered with our service is found, regardless of the pet’s microchip registry. To achieve this, we extend the opportunity for other legitimate registries to establish live connections with our public API. We employ support staff around the clock to support pet owners and pet professionals.

Millions of Pet Microchip IDs Paired with Their Medical Records in One Location

Peeva is revolutionizing the pet care industry by establishing microchip scanning as a standard part of daily protocols for pet care professionals. Through our strategic partnerships with prominent organizations in the pet and technology industries, as well as high-volume hospitals, we possess the capability to aggregate substantial datasets into Peeva Fetch. This secure and permissions-based solution, that integrates with major Practice Information Management Systems (PIMS), is at the core of our innovation. It pairs millions of pet microchip identification numbers with their corresponding medical records, creating a unified and centralized database.

Our Public API is NOT Our Private API

Offering access to our public API is a decision that we do not take lightly, recognizing the potential risks associated with third-party applications. It’s no secret that an average developer can create an application within a single day that interfaces with an external API and captures all incoming data.

Rest assured, Peeva has implemented an array of protective measures. While we are enthusiastic about fostering data collaboration, we have done so without exposing ourselves or our customers to the potential pitfalls of unscrupulous third-party applications. The integrity and confidentiality of data are our top priorities, mirroring the concerns of our valued customers.

Our databases are exclusively connected to through a private network and accessible solely to the web server hosting our application and the dedicated Peeva development team responsible for utilizing this data. Furthermore, we prioritize data security at every stage of its journey – whenever data is transferred from our web server to the end-user, it is done so via an encrypted connection.

You can register any brand of microchip and it only takes about 1 minute.

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