Peeva Microchip: Arf-ID

Microchips are the best way to reunite lost pets with their owners. But did you know that not all microchips can be read by scanners?

The Power of Pet Microchips

Microchips are permanent, dependable, and effortless pet identification solutions. These tiny wonders require no batteries or upkeep and if in the worse-case scenario you lose your pet, Peeva is your guardian angel. The instant your pet is scanned, you receive a notification with precise location and contact details.

Crafted to Provide Lifelong Identification

Each 134.2 kHz microchip boasts a unique 15-digit numeric ID number. They adhere to international animal identification standards (ISO 11784/ISO 11785) and are certified by the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR). Each package includes a disposable syringe with a sharp, double-bevel needle for effortless insertion, a parylene-coated microchip, and six one-dimensional barcode labels.

How It Works: The Silent Guardian Under Your Pet's Skin

A minuscule RFID device is implanted by a pet professional just above your pet’s shoulder blades, in the subcutaneous tissue. It awakens when scanned, using harmless radio waves to reveal its unique ID. Every Peeva microchip finds its home in our international pet recovery database, ensuring that your pet’s data is securely stored. The microchip IDs are also featured in other registries, like the AAHA Pet Microchip Lookup, to guarantee that your pet is found swiftly by any vet or shelter.