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How to Gain a Pet-stagram Following

If you’ve ever felt so proud of your pet that you want to share them with the world, you’re not alone. Recently, Rover’s study of pet parents found that 65% of dog owners take more photos of their pet than anyone else. This includes their significant others. In line with this, surveys from 2021 reveal that 1 in 4 pet owners don’t just want to post about their pet online—they want them to be Instagram famous. But nowadays, social media has become so congested and demanding, that not even the furriest pup or the smartest bird are guaranteed a large following. To rake in those followers and cement your beloved pet’s rise to Instagram stardom, here are some key tips to keep in mind:

Harness the power of emotion

Sure, an adorable pet will almost immediately trigger a smile. But for your pet’s content to be compelling enough to earn a follower, it’s important to harness the deeper power of emotion. In AskMoney’s guide to increasing Instagram followers they outline how accounts that are able to connect with users on an emotional level are much more likely to spark engagement. Without making users feel something through your content, there’s nothing stopping them from doom scrolling onto the next cute pet account. To truly harness emotions in your pet’s favor, try to be honest and relatable. In this way, the images you post won’t seem forced and disingenuous. If your pet looks particularly happy, post that. If they look humorously tired, post that. The more “real” the emotions, the more your users will naturally reciprocate this.

Stand for a higher cause

It’s easy to make a momentary wave online, but for your pet’s account to make a long-lasting ripple you need to stand for something bigger. By also representing a cause, you’re showing your depth and morals, which are important for today’s social media users. In fact, Inverse’s article on the social impact of petfluencers notes that some of the most successful accounts champion larger causes. Among the most popular causes and charities that petfluencers represent today are ones that are near and dear to animal well-being. These include veganism, sustainability, and combatting animal cruelty. Of course, whatever cause you do choose to represent, sincerity is the most important. More than grand gestures, genuinely using your platform to share your values is what a discerning audience will want to support.

Offer up diverse content

While it’s a given that successful Instagram accounts have a theme, it’s important to add some diversity in your content. Too many of the same type of posts can get boring and turn some people off. Thus, for your pet-stagram to stay relevant, try to play around with your content. As such, instead of just always posting your feed, try adding Stories or Reels, too. Aside from this, try mixing up the subject of your content, as well. Though your pet will always be the star of the account, adding practical tidbits here and there adds credibility and timeliness. For instance, since many pet parents worry about heat exhaustion during the summertime, it would be helpful for you to share content like Nicole Jacobs’ “5 Summer Frozen Treat Recipes”. In this way, your pet’s account becomes both a source of joy and guidance.

Network with other pet accounts

Social media stars understand the value of collaborations, and so should you for your pet-stagram. Through this strategy, you’re tapping another account’s native audience and introducing them to your content in a natural way. If a pet collab is too hard, though, you can always network remotely through likes, comments, and shares. This means, liking other pet-stagram accounts, commenting on relevant content, and re-sharing other pet content creators. By doing so, you’re helping further the community and ingratiating yourself with other accounts who will be happy to recommend your account too. If you’re feeling particularly bold, you can even tag other accounts in your content. Since celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion and Paris Hilton even have their own pet-stagram accounts, you can easily tag them in your relevant content. This can help create interest among their fans who follow their tags, while also boosting your content within the algorithm.

Although gaining fame and fortune through a pet-stagram isn’t everyone’s end goal, it certainly does feel good to have your sweet pet appreciated online. That said, since Instagram is at a stage where pet content is considered golden it’s totally possible for your pet’s account to go viral with creativity and preparation.

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