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How To Keep Your Pet At Ease when traveling long distances

When you have a pet, you will not want to leave it behind when planning a family vacation. But travel with your dog or cat can be a challenge, particularly if you have a long-distance trip in mind. The animal is likely to be nervous and anxious when the journey lasts for more than a few hours. Fortunately, you can take some simple measures to put it at ease even as it has to sit in the car for long hours. Here are some long-distance travel tips that pet parents can rely on.

Practice with a short road trip 

The best way to prepare is to give the animal some practice so that it is comfortable with the idea of sitting inside the car for an extended time. Plan a weekend road trip to a nearby destination a few months before the vacation. Make it a fun experience to ensure that your pet associates the trip with happy memories. It is a good time to practice things such as feeding breaks, toilet breaks, and stopovers for exercise.

Know the route

Even as you have enough practice with short trips, you cannot be too sure about a long-distance journey. Knowing the route well is your best bet. Study the map carefully so that you can plan rest breaks at pet-friendly stopovers. Your dog or cat will need to stretch, unwind, and relieve themselves every few hours, so plan well in advance to prevent last-moment hassles.

Try to alleviate stress 

One of the biggest challenges of long-distance travel with pets is anxiety. You can expect it to happen even more if the animal is aggressive or suffers from separation anxiety in routine. You may have tried CBD for dog or cat seperation anxiety before, and it will work for travel anxiety as well.  Speaking softly to the pet will calm it down, so make sure that you do it repeatedly during the journey.

Keep it physically comfortable

When your pet has to travel long-distance, go the extra mile to make it comfortable all the time. Keep its blanket along so that it can snuggle comfortably when it wants to rest and sleep. Have snacks, treats, and water to keep it full and happy. Carrying your pet’s favorite toys along is another good idea to put it at ease. You can even buy a couple of new ones to keep it excited.

Take it easy

A long-distance trip with your pet can make you nervous too, and you may end up passing on the stress to the animal even without knowing. Just staying calm and easy and enjoying the experience will keep everyone relaxed and happy. Play some music and munch on your favorite snacks. Let the kids have a good time with your pet. The long journey will be over sooner than you imagine!

A stress-free long-distance trip with your pet sounds like a dream, but you can easily achieve it with some planning and preparation. Follow these tips, and you are all set!

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