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Starting a Business While Welcoming a New Pet

A pet is a full-time commitment. You need to be prepared to be your pet’s caregiver, pack leader, disciplinarian, and companion for the duration of its life. Structure, routine, good diet, and exercise make for a content pet. Bringing a pet into your world when you’re working or starting a new business might seem challenging, but it’s quite easy to adapt your work lifestyle to accommodate your new family member.

Establish a Support System

Dogs require the most attention, while cats and birds require less responsibility. Whatever species you choose to have as a pet, it’s advisable to establish a support system. Launching a new business can keep you up at strange hours, and the first few months while marketing and networking can be stressful, but there are options that could help:

  • Pet and house sitters. Form a relationship with a potential pet sitter and dog walker early on in the process. When your new business starts thriving, you may need to leave for a last-minute networking event. Walk ‘n’ Waggles in Buffalo is a good option for pet sitting and dog walking.
  • Register at a vet. Review the vets in your area, and register at one that has good reviews. You should find out their opening hours, how far it is from where you live, and if there is an emergency after-hours number.
  • Research pet daycare and boarding. If you have a dog that’s well-adjusted, getting on the list for daycare while you work can be a huge help. In Buffalo, the sought-after Tazito’s Dog Daycare comes highly recommended. For cats, there is a private cat boarding facility called Camp Whiskers.
  • Find an animal behaviorist. You might never need one, but it’s a good idea to have a qualified behaviorist on hand.

Find a Routine That Works

You’re going to have to shift things around for your pet. To help maintain a work-life balance, you can use the same calendar apps for work and pets. Slot in when to feed, take them out, clean litter trays, walk them, and give them attention. Apps such as Google calendar, Monday.com, and Basecamp are good options for merging pet and work management. 

Ensure your pet is kept entertained and mentally stimulated. Puppies can be put into a crate with toys and games and moved into your office space. If your new business venture requires a multitude of meetings, you can always set up the crate and playpen in another room, and use a gadget like a Furbo camera to monitor their activity. 

Although owning a pet is a full-time job, you are going to have to create time for the most important aspect of starting a business: building a website. To save on costs, you can head over to GoDaddy website builder where you can use one of their free themes to build your website. You can also host your website and purchase the domain through the company. Make sure to create an eye-catching and compelling logo that guarantees brand retention. While you can hire a designer to do so, it’s more cost-effective to use an online logo creator that you can customize to your liking. 

Welcoming a Pet While Starting a Business

Owning a pet and starting a business will keep you busy. All that’s required to make it work is a support system, structure, and routine. 

For more information about getting your pet microchipped in Buffalo, NY, visit Peeva. 

Peeva: Where Lost Pets Find Their Way Home

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