Lost pets come home with Peeva.

Are you a worthy pet owner?

Are we good pet owners? Have we ever actually asked ourselves if we are worthy?

I recently came across a post on Facebook that really angered me and got me thinking about why some people decide to have a pet and if it they really should. Here’s the short version:

A lab breeder puts up a post that his father is putting his beautiful 4-year-old girl up for adoption because she had to have a C-section and can no longer breed. If you take this “pet” in and make a home for it, then because it stops being a money maker and it becomes nothing more than a broken toy that you toss out, you are no better than a street pimp. In fact, you’re an asshole.

Who is worthy of being a pet owner?

This got me thinking about who is actually worthy of being a pet owner. Now you may ask who I am to decide who is and who isn’t worthy of owning a pet. You are right, sort of, but to make it fair I asked the public to chime in with their opinions and advise on what to expect when owning a pet and what your duties are to ensure your new family member has the best life possible.

Puppies grow up and when they do, they don’t understand why you aren’t into them anymore like you once were. 

Pet’s are a full time committment

When considering getting a pet, please keep in mind that if your living situation or relationship status changes you still brought an animal into your life and they have grown to depend on you to be there for them. You know those people who you see in the morning, afternoon and evening walking their dogs around the neighborhood or at the park every day playing fetch?  That’s what you’re supposed to do.

Guess what? Your pet is not having fun alone in the yard all day no matter how big it is. She is probably wondering where you are and why aren’t you paying attention to me. If you tie her up in the front yard to stare at the street all day, you’re worse.

There are many avenues to help. Surrendering the pet to a shelter should never be an option. 

Under no circumstances should you ever take your pet to an ASPCA location.

The “new normal” has been hard on all of us and it has also seen an increase in families getting new pups. If you find yourself or a family member unable to care for your pet for any reason, please research as much as you can on what is your best course of action. As an example, we have set up a contingency plan to assist people when needed. You can see it at https://peeva.co/covid19-pet-contingency-plan

Pet’s can be expensive. If you’re willing to spend $800 but get mad at paying a fee to register your pet’s microchip, you need to reevaluate your priorities.

These are only a few examples. They are going to pee and poop on the floor, destroy some things, sit on your couch, bark etc. etc. etc. If you do your research, prepare yourself and always keep in mind that you have welcomed in a new family member, you’ll do just fine.

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