Buddy ID Microchip vs. Peeva

Peeva is the only microchip registry that combines microchip IDs with pet medical records. Additionally, we instantly notify pet owners with exact location details when their pet’s microchip is scanned, offering convenience and peace of mind.

Buddy ID Microchip

The Peeva advantage is clear.

Buddy ID Microchip
24/7 support
Secure pet portal
Microchip scan can pull up health record
Microchip scan alerts pet owners with exact location
Microchip works with all scanners
Centralized pet registry
Plays nicely with other systems
Lost pet alerts
Pet owner verification
Alert owner of duplicate registration attempts
Works with law enforcement

About Buddy ID Microchip:

Buddy ID microchip service focuses on providing a basic yet essential solution for pet identification through microchipping. It’s designed to offer a straightforward approach to registering and identifying pets. The service typically includes initial registration of the microchip and basic information storage. Buddy ID microchips serve the primary purpose of helping lost pets reunite with their owners by facilitating access to the owner’s contact information when the chip is scanned. However, it may not encompass advanced features such as real-time location tracking, health record integration, or extensive compatibility with different scanner types, focusing more on the fundamental aspect of pet identification.

No centralized pet registry:

Buddy ID microchip service, while effective for basic pet identification, lacks a centralized pet registry where microchips of any brand can be enrolled. This centralized system, as offered by Peeva, is crucial for added protection and broader accessibility. It allows pet professionals from different networks to access pet information easily, enhancing the chances of recovery in case a pet goes missing. The absence of such a feature in Buddy ID’s service can limit the scope of recovery assistance, as it relies on a more isolated database system. This centralized registry is especially important in emergencies, where quick access to a pet’s information across various networks can be lifesaving.

Health Record Integration: The Missing Link in Buddy ID Microchips

Buddy ID’s microchipping service does not include the integration of health records, a feature that can significantly enhance pet care. The ability to pull up a pet’s health record through a microchip, as offered by services like Peeva, is a major advancement in pet technology. This feature provides instant access to vital health information such as vaccination history, allergies, and specific medical needs, especially crucial during emergencies or routine vet visits. Without this capability, Buddy ID users might miss out on the benefits of having comprehensive health data readily available, which can be instrumental in ensuring timely and appropriate care for their pets. The inclusion of health records in microchips represents a significant step forward in leveraging technology for holistic pet wellness.

Comprehensive Alert System: A Feature Beyond Buddy ID's Scope

Buddy ID microchips do not extend to the advanced alert system found in services like Peeva. Peeva’s system uniquely ensures that alerts about a found pet reach the most current contacts of pet professionals, whether within their network or beyond. Additionally, Peeva takes proactive steps to contact the original owner and collaborates with law enforcement for swift recovery. This comprehensive approach is crucial for rapid and secure pet reunions. Buddy ID, focusing on basic identification, lacks these extended alert and recovery mechanisms, potentially limiting the speed and effectiveness of pet recovery in various scenarios.

Location Alert Feature: A Notable Absence in Buddy ID Microchips

One significant feature that Buddy ID lacks is the ability to alert pet owners of their pet’s exact location upon scanning the microchip. This functionality, offered by Peeva, provides a major advantage in quickly locating lost or stolen pets. The immediate location alert can be crucial in ensuring a speedy and safe reunion between pets and their owners. Without this feature, Buddy ID users may experience delays and increased difficulties in finding and recovering their pets, especially in situations where every moment counts. The presence of real-time location tracking in microchips like Peeva’s represents a pivotal development in pet safety technology, offering a critical tool in the prompt retrieval of missing pets.
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Peeva is resolving the missing pet problem with a critical mass of data and a standard procedure of microchip scanning for thousands of pet professionals.

of ALL dogs and cats in the United States go missing

Peeva has improved veterinary healthcare by providing personalized medicine, prescriptive analytics, clinical risk intervention, predictive analytics, automated reporting, standardized medical terms, and patient registries from fragmented points.

dogs and cats in the United States
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With millions of microchip IDs paired with pet medical records in one database, any pet professional can simply scan the microchip of any pet enrolled with Peeva to access a complete medical history while instantly notifying the pet owner of their location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buddy ID microchips mainly provide pet identification by storing the owner’s contact information.
No, Buddy ID microchips do not have the capability to track or alert a pet’s real-time location.
Buddy ID microchips do not include access to a pet’s health records.
Owners need to manually update their contact information with Buddy ID, which may not involve a comprehensive verification system.
Buddy ID’s services do not typically include direct collaboration with law enforcement for pet recovery.