Free Pet Chip Registry vs. Peeva

Peeva is the only microchip registry that combines microchip IDs with pet medical records. Additionally, we instantly notify pet owners with exact location details when their pet’s microchip is scanned, offering convenience and peace of mind.

The Peeva Advantage is Clear


Free Pet Chip Registry
24/7 support
Secure pet portal
Microchip scan can pull up health record
Microchip scan alerts pet owners with exact location
Microchip works with all scanners
Centralized pet registry
Plays nicely with other systems
Lost pet alerts
Pet owner verification
Alert owner of duplicate registration attempts
Works with law enforcement

Free Pet Chip Registry Lacks 24/7 Telephone Support Unlike Peeva

Understanding the unpredictable nature of pet emergencies, Peeva offers 24/7 telephone support, a critical feature not available with Free Pet Chip Registry. This means that, unlike with Free Pet Chip Registry, Peeva users can receive immediate assistance any time, for any issue related to their pet’s microchip and safety. Whether facing a lost pet situation in the dead of night or needing urgent health advice at dawn, Peeva ensures that pet owners are never left without support, a stark contrast to the limited hours offered by Free Pet Chip Registry.

Free Pet Chip Registry Microchips Do Not Offer Health Record Access

Free Pet Chip Registry’s microchipping service falls short in providing an essential feature that Peeva offers to all its clients – immediate access to a pet’s health record via their microchip. This Peeva feature revolutionizes pet care, allowing pet owners to access vital medical information in critical situations, a capability that Free Pet Chip Registry lacks. With Free Pet Chip Registry, pet owners get basic pet identification, but with Peeva, they have a digital gateway to detailed health data, enhancing the quality and timeliness of care a pet receives. This distinction highlights Peeva’s holistic approach to pet wellness, surpassing Free Pet Chip Registry’s basic identification service.

Peeva's Microchips Meet Global Standards, a Feature Not Found in Free Pet Chip Registry

Free Pet Chip Registry’s microchips usually face compatibility issues, unlike Peeva’s ISO standard microchips, which are designed to work with all scanners globally. This reflects a key advantage of Peeva over Free Pet Chip Registry – ensuring that pets are identifiable anywhere, without the compatibility challenges that may be faced with Free Pet Chip Registry’s chips. Peeva’s commitment to universal scanner compatibility enhances the overall effectiveness of their microchipping service, providing pet owners with the assurance and convenience of a seamless scanning experience, irrespective of location.

Lost Pet Alert System in Free Pet Chip Registry Falls Short of Peeva's Extensive Network

Peeva sets itself apart from Free Pet Chip Registry with an advanced lost pet alert system. While Free Pet Chip Registry offers basic microchipping services, it does not provide the extensive alert system that Peeva does, which ensures notifications are sent to updated contacts of pet professionals, irrespective of their network affiliation. This Peeva feature significantly broadens the scope and efficiency of the search for a lost pet, addressing a critical gap in Free Pet Chip Registry’s service. Peeva’s comprehensive approach to lost pet alerts demonstrates a commitment to not just track pets, but actively assist in their safe return.

Owner Verification and Security Measures Absent in Free Pet Chip Registry's Service

Peeva’s microchipping service includes a robust system for pet owner verification and protection against duplicate registrations, a security measure where Free Pet Chip Registry falls short. Unlike Free Pet Chip Registry, Peeva takes extra steps to ensure each pet’s registration is accurate and secure, actively preventing unauthorized changes or false claims. This level of detailed verification and security is not a feature offered by Free Pet Chip Registry, underscoring Peeva’s dedication to safeguarding pets’ identities and their owners’ rights, offering a higher level of assurance and peace of mind to pet owners.
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Peeva is resolving the missing pet problem with a critical mass of data and a standard procedure of microchip scanning for thousands of pet professionals.

of ALL dogs and cats in the United States go missing

Peeva has improved veterinary healthcare by providing personalized medicine, prescriptive analytics, clinical risk intervention, predictive analytics, automated reporting, standardized medical terms, and patient registries from fragmented points.

dogs and cats in the United States
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With millions of microchip IDs paired with pet medical records in one database, any pet professional can simply scan the microchip of any pet enrolled with Peeva to access a complete medical history while instantly notifying the pet owner of their location.

Pay Once, Protect Your Pet for Life

Unlock all of Peeva’s advantages and get lifetime protection for as low as $5/month. Enjoy the flexibility of canceling at anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Peeva offers round-the-clock telephone support for any issues or questions related to your pet’s microchip, a service that Free Pet Chip Registry does not provide. This means help is available at any time, day or night, with Peeva.
Yes, Peeva’s microchips comply with ISO standards and work with all standard scanners, ensuring your pet can be identified anywhere, a feature that may not be guaranteed with Free Pet Chip Registry.
Peeva maintains a centralized Pet Registry for easy access and management of your pet’s information, a feature designed for convenience and efficiency.
Unlike Free Pet Chip Registry, Peeva’s microchips can pull up your pet’s health record upon scanning, providing crucial information instantly during emergencies or vet visits.
Yes, Peeva’s microchips provide immediate location alerts when scanned, a feature not available with Free Pet Chip Registry, ensuring you can quickly find your pet if they go missing.
Peeva’s technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with various pet-related systems, enhancing data sharing and compatibility, a benefit that might not be present with Free Pet Chip Registry.
Peeva sends lost pet alerts to an extensive network of pet professionals with updated contact information, whether they are in the Peeva network or not, broadening the search for your lost pet.