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Lost a furry friend in the heart of Knoxville? Don’t fret! Peeva’s Lost & Found Pet Database is your lifeline to a happy reunion. From frisbee-loving Labradors in the Sequoyah Hills to adventurous kitties exploring the Old North Knoxville alleys, our free platform reunites lost pets with their worried families across Knoxville. Just a few clicks and a picture upload is all it takes – it could be the missing piece that brings your beloved pet back home (and your heart at ease!).


Peace of Mind Starts with a Microchip: Prevent Knoxville's Lost Pet Dramas

While Peeva’s Lost & Found Database is a powerful tool for reunions, wouldn’t it be amazing to prevent these situations altogether? Here’s where microchipping comes in! This quick and painless procedure equips your furry friend with a tiny chip containing their unique ID. If your beloved pup or adventurous feline ever wanders off in the Great Smoky Mountains foothills or explores the vibrant streets of Market Square, a simple scan at any Knoxville animal shelter or vet clinic can reunite you in a flash. Don’t wait until your heart aches from a missing pet – microchipping is a small step that can make a world of difference for your Knoxville companion.

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Microchipping for Swift Recovery

In these instances, a microchip is invaluable. Peeva’s microchips not only store essential information for identification but also, when registered with Peeva, enable us to send instant lost pet alerts to our extensive network of partners, including local shelters and pet owners. 

Community Engagement

We encourage Brevard County residents to collaborate. By monitoring your area and reporting sightings on our platform, you contribute significantly to reuniting lost pets with their families.

Immediate Action Steps

If your pet is lost, post on our database with a clear description and the last known location. Also, check with local shelters and inform nearby veterinarians.

Let's Make a Difference

Our aim is to foster a supportive community network in Brevard County, streamlining the process of finding lost pets. Quick action, combined with local support and resources like Peeva's microchip registration, can significantly increase the likelihood of a joyful reunion.

No More Missing Meowments: Unleash Knoxville's Pet Posse!

Lost a furry friend and feeling like your world’s gone to the dogs (or cats)? Don’t fret! Knoxville’s got your back (and belly rubs) with a crack team of Pet Posse heroes ready to spring into action.

Legendary shelters like Young-Williams Animal Center are HQ for lost and found operations. With a quick call or visit, their crew of super-efficient staff can help you report your missing fur-ocious friend or check for any strays with a case of mistaken identity.

But wait, there’s more! PawBoost, a free online platform, acts like a Bat-Signal for lost pets, instantly connecting you with a citywide network of pet detectives.

Remember, the faster you act and utilize all these pawsome resources, the sooner those happy reunion zoomies can commence!

Success Stories: Bringing Smiles Back to Knoxville

Sometimes, the best way to believe in something is to see it in action! Here at Peeva, we’re all about happy reunions, and our Lost & Found Database is brimming with heartwarming success stories. From playful pups reunited with their Knoxville families after backyard escapes to adventurous felines finding their way back after neighborhood explorations, these stories are a testament to the power of community and the unwavering love between pets and their humans. So don’t lose hope! Submit your lost pet’s details, utilize the resources we’ve provided, and keep an eye out for your own heartwarming Knoxville reunion story appearing right here soon!

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