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Peeva is the only microchip registry that combines microchip IDs with pet medical records. Additionally, we instantly notify pet owners with exact location details when their pet’s microchip is scanned, offering convenience and peace of mind.

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The Peeva advantage is clear.

24 Pet Watch
24/7 support
Secure pet portal
Microchip scan can pull up health record
Microchip scan alerts pet owners with exact location
Microchip works with all scanners
Centralized pet registry
Plays nicely with other systems
Lost pet alerts
Pet owner verification
Alert owner of duplicate registration attempts
Works with law enforcement

Instantly Access Your Pet's Health Records with a Simple Scan

Ever wished you could have your pet’s entire medical history in your hand? With Peeva, that’s not just a wish, it’s a reality! We go beyond identification with our innovative microchip technology – it’s your key to unlocking your pet’s comprehensive health history with a single scan (a feature not available with 24 pet watch). This means no more frantic searches for paperwork during vet visits or emergencies. Just a quick scan, and voilà – you’ve got everything from Fido’s last vaccine to Fluffy’s allergy list. It’s like having a health diary for your pet, always updated and always with you. It’s a game-changer for seamless care transitions, whether you’re moving, traveling, or switching vets. With Peeva, you’re not just keeping your pet safe; you’re taking care of their health and happiness every step of the way.

Never Lose Sight of Your Pet Again with Peeva's Location Alert Microchip

Worried about your pet’s adventures turning into misadventures? Peeva is here to ease that worry. Our advanced microchip technology goes beyond simple identification; it actively alerts you with your pet’s exact location as soon as it’s scanned. This feature, unique to Peeva, is a game-changer for pet parents. It transforms the way you keep tabs on your furry friend, ensuring they’re never really lost. No matter where life takes them, you’re only a scan away from being reunited. It’s not just about safety; it’s about staying connected with your beloved pet, always. With Peeva, each adventure ends with a happy reunion.

Always in Touch: Peeva's Alerts Reach All Pet Professionals, Regardless of Network

Peeva stands out by ensuring that alerts reach the most current contact information of pet professionals, whether they’re in the Peeva network or not. This means if your pet is found by a vet or a shelter, they can instantly get in touch with you, using the most up-to-date information. It’s about bridging gaps and making connections faster and more reliable. With Peeva, you’re not just relying on a network; you’re tapping into a universal safety net for your pet. This system makes sure that your pet’s discovery leads straight to a joyful reunion, no matter who finds them. Stay connected, stay informed, and most importantly, stay reassured that your pet will always find their way back to you with Peeva.

Rest Easy Knowing Peeva Protects Your Pet's True Home

Peeva goes the extra mile to ensure your pet’s safety and rightful ownership, a commitment you might not find with other microchipping services. When your pet is found, we do more than just notify you. We actively reach out to confirm the situation, making sure your beloved companion returns to their true home. This step is vital in protecting against pet theft or mistaken identity. Our dedication doesn’t end there; if needed, we work hand-in-hand with law enforcement to guarantee a quick and secure recovery. With Peeva, it’s not just about reuniting; it’s about ensuring that every reunion is safe, rightful, and joyful. Trust us to be your pet’s guardian, every step of their journey.

Your Pet, Your Peace of Mind: Peeva's Unique Owner Verification System

Peeva sets itself apart by focusing on pet owner verification and alerting you to any duplicate registration attempts. This is a key feature that distinguishes us from services like 24 Pet Watch. When someone tries to register a microchip already linked to your pet, Peeva doesn’t just record it; we actively notify you. This ensures you’re always in the loop if there’s a potential mix-up or unauthorized attempt to claim your pet. It’s a proactive approach to prevent misunderstandings and, more importantly, to protect against pet theft. Our system is designed to keep your pet’s identity secure and linked to you, their rightful owner. With Peeva, you’re not just getting a microchip; you’re getting an assurance that your furry family member is safeguarded against identity errors, giving you unparalleled peace of mind.

of missing pets are NEVER found
0 %
Peeva is resolving the missing pet problem with a critical mass of data and a standard procedure of microchip scanning for thousands of pet professionals.

of ALL dogs and cats in the United States go missing

Peeva has improved veterinary healthcare by providing personalized medicine, prescriptive analytics, clinical risk intervention, predictive analytics, automated reporting, standardized medical terms, and patient registries from fragmented points.

dogs and cats in the United States
0 million

With millions of microchip IDs paired with pet medical records in one database, any pet professional can simply scan the microchip of any pet enrolled with Peeva to access a complete medical history while instantly notifying the pet owner of their location.

Pay Once, Protect Your Pet for Life

Unlock all of Peeva’s advantages and get lifetime protection for as low as $5/month. Enjoy the flexibility of canceling at anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both Peeva and other services like 24 Pet Watch offer 24/7 support. You can rest assured knowing that help is available whenever you need it.

Yes, both Peeva and others maintain a centralized Pet Registry for easy access to pet information.

Unique to Peeva, our microchip can pull up your pet’s complete health record upon scanning, which is not a feature offered by 24 Pet Watch or other microchipping companies.

Yes, only Peeva offers a microchip that alerts pet owners with the exact location upon scanning.

Yes, Peeva plays nicely with other systems, ensuring smooth data sharing and compatibility.

With Peeva, you receive lost pet alerts, an exclusive feature to help you find your pet quicker.

Peeva has a unique pet owner verification process to confirm ownership, plus alerts you if there’s an attempt to duplicate register your pet’s microchip.