Pet Medical Records

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When registering your pet’s microchip with Peeva (any brand of microchip), you will have access to your pet’s medical records at all times which is especially convenient during times when traveling across time zones if medical treatment is needed or when simply presenting proof that vaccinations are up to date at doggy daycare or the pet groomer. You can pull up their pet’s vaccination histories and the date last given on your smartphone!

We make it possible for a veterinarian to access your pet’s medical records should your pet ever wind up stolen and taken to another vet. The ability to pull up a pets medical history ensures your pets microchip will be scanned and because Peeva is universal, you can be ensured your pets microchip will be read.

You will also be instantly notified whenever that happens with the the address, telephone number, and exact location on a map of wherever your pet is scanned from in seconds.

Nothing is more frustrating for a veterinarian to be examining an animal with no ID.

Any veterinarian in the Peeva network can look up any pet's medical information simply by scanning a pet’s microchip so if your pet is lost, you can be ensured your pet’s chip will be read and you will be instantly notified.

Peeva integrates with the systems veterinarians already have in place.

There are no HIPPA type regulations when it comes to pet health. Nevertheless, laws that dictate specific rules of the release and transferal of pet medical records vary by state. However, pet owners agree to the release of their pet’s medical our terms of service.

Only veterinary professionals at the “veterinary access level” have the login privileges to access this information. This is also limited to the animal being present as these records can only be accessed by scanning a microchip.

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