Pet Medical Records

Peeva is the world’s first and only unified database of Electronic Health Records for Pets! Any veterinary professional in our network can access the complete Life and Medical History of any pet that is enrolled in our system and seen at any veterinary hospital in our extensive network.

1. Enjoy Access to Medical Records at Any Time, Anywhere

Eliminate prolonged wait times at pet facilities, waiting for vaccination documents to be received from your veterinarian. Instead, you can have this information up-to-date and readily available to share with anyone who requires it.

2. Instant Notifications

Receive immediate notifications when a pet’s microchip has been scanned or their medical records have been updated. Scan notifications include the veterinarian office’s address, telephone number, and exact location on a map.

3. You can register any brand of microchip and it only takes about 1 minute.

Pull up your pet’s vaccination histories and the date last given on your smartphone! This is convenient when traveling across time zones, if emergency medical treatment is needed, or when presenting proof of vaccinations at doggy daycare or the groomer.

4. Pet Microchips Are Always Scanned & Read

Peeva makes the transfer of vital health information quick and easy with a simple scan of our dependable microchip. The ability to pull up a pet’s complete medical history makes their job’s easier and fosters better care for pets.

Regulations for Pet Health

The regulations governing the release and transfer of pet medical records vary by state. However, pet owners provide consent for the release of their pet’s medical records through our terms of service. Access to this information is limited to pet professionals at the “veterinary access level.” Moreover, this access is restricted to situations where the animal is physically present since the records can only be accessed by scanning a microchip. Please click here to learn more.

With every Peeva enrollment, you receive access to a personalized dashboard where you can include extensive information about your pet. This includes the ability to select up to three breeds, update your pet’s photo, manage medical records, and there is no charge for keeping your pet’s information current.


Peeva integrates with the systems veterinarians already have in place. Any veterinarian in our network can scan your pet’s microchip to get your pet’s complete medical history.

Pay Once, Protect Your Pet for Life

Unlock all of Peeva’s advantages and get lifetime protection for as low as $5/month. Enjoy the flexibility of canceling at anytime.