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Essential Treat Rules Every Dog Owner Must Follow

If you are a dog owner, you will probably know the value of positive affirmation while training your pet. Treats play a significant role in making the animal obedient and happy. You may want to give one to your pet only to show your affection. But you cannot share a cookie or chocolate because they can do more harm than good. It is crucial to follow some rules to ensure that you pamper your furry friend with a safe and tasty treat. Here are the ones that can keep you on the right track. 

Rule #1- Know what is safe

Human foods do not make the best treats for canines, no matter how healthy they are. Many can be high in fat and cause stomach upset for the pet. Foods like chocolate and grapes are even toxic for canines as they can damage their organs. If you are a seasoned pet parent, you will probably know about these foods. Newbies should start by preparing a list of foods they should keep off their treat list. 

Rule #2- Consider the age of the pet

Consider the age of your pet when you choose a safe and healthy treat for it. Young dogs have very different needs because their teeth are fragile. You cannot expect them to handle the same stress as adult teeth. Opt for softer food for them as hard ones can cause pain and even fractures in their teeth. You may even have to get the tooth removed if the damage is extensive..

Rule #3- Look for high-value options

As a rule, you must stick with only high-value treats that offer health benefits for your pet. Experiment with the healthiest options and identify ones that the dog likes. Consider bully sticks as they are safe and healthy. They are made of high-protein beef muscle, making them fit into the high-value category. The best part is that bully sticks are easily digestible, unlike other options. Since they are soft, you can choose them for puppies and older dogs.. 

Rule #4- Prioritize size

A small treat is ideal for young and old dogs alike. Alternatively, you can choose ones that are easy to break into smaller chunks. The last thing you will want is to feed something that will keep your pet busy and distracted amid a training session. Smaller treats are good as you can give more of them to your pet during a session without worrying about an upset stomach.

Rule #5- Avoid overfeeding

Even the healthiest treats can add on the calories for your pet. You will not want to have an overweight dog just to train it well. It is vital to manage meal sizes to avoid overfeeding the canine. utting down to smaller meals on training days is a good idea to balance the overall calorie consumption for the day. Practice restraint, no matter how good the animal is during the sessions.  

Best Dog Treats for Picky Eaters:

Every dog owner might at some point encounter the challenge of a fussy eater. When your four-legged friend turns up their nose at most treats, it’s time to delve into options crafted for the pickiest palates. Soft treats, which release their aroma more readily than hard ones, often appeal to discerning dogs. Ingredients like salmon, duck, or liver might also pique their interest. Another trick is to opt for smaller, bite-sized rewards that are quickly consumed, making them irresistible to even the most selective eaters. Remember, it’s all about finding that perfect treat that they simply can’t resist!

Lickable Dog Treats:

Lickable treats offer an innovative and enjoyable way to reward your canine companion. Often found in squeezable tubes or packets, these treats can serve multiple purposes. Not only do they act as a delicious reward, but they can also provide mental stimulation, helping to reduce boredom and anxiety. Licking, a natural behavior for dogs, has been shown to release calming endorphins in their brain. So, by offering lickable treats, you’re giving a tasty incentive while promoting relaxation, especially beneficial during training or stressful situations.

Personalized Dog Treats:

In the age of customization, why should our pets be left out? Personalized dog treats are becoming increasingly popular, allowing owners to tailor rewards specifically to their furry friend’s preferences and dietary needs. These can range from treats bearing your dog’s name to those formulated based on individual health requirements or flavor preferences. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply want to give your pet something uniquely theirs, personalized treats can make snack time extra special for your beloved pup.

Dehydrated Pumpkin Dog Treats:

Pumpkin, with its myriad health benefits, makes an excellent ingredient for dog treats. Dehydrated pumpkin treats offer a crunchy alternative that’s both nutritious and delicious. Rich in fiber, these treats can aid in digestion and help regulate bowel movements. Furthermore, pumpkin is low in fat and cholesterol, making it a heart-healthy option for your pup. As with any treat, ensure the dehydrated pumpkin snacks are free from added sugars or unnecessary fillers. Given its natural sweetness and enticing flavor, it’s no surprise that many dogs find these treats simply delightful!

Following these rules can help you train and treat your canine smartly. You will have a well-trained, happy, and healthy pet that always listens to you. 


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