Dog leg weights and other muscle building equipment – A complete guide

Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? Dogs aren’t just our faithful companions; they’re vibrant beings with unique physiques and boundless energy. Just as you might hit the gym to tone up or bulk up, many dogs can benefit from a bit of “exercise accessorizing” to make the most out of their daily walks […]

Essential Treat Rules Every Dog Owner Must Follow

If you are a dog owner, you will probably know the value of positive affirmation while training your pet. Treats play a significant role in making the animal obedient and happy. You may want to give one to your pet only to show your affection. But you cannot share a cookie or chocolate because they […]

Understand Your Dog’s Emotions Through Its Behaviour and Body Language

Body language has long been used as a way to read and understand the emotions and actions of both animals and humans. By now we all know that many basic emotions experienced by us humans can also be experienced by dogs. These basic emotions include, for example, anxiety, frustration, fear, and above all joy, and […]

How to Teach Your Dog to Come When Called

Recall commands are more advanced than most other dog commands. However, a recall is essential for every dog to learn, even if it takes them a little bit to learn it! If your dog sneaks out of the house, a recall command can eliminate the need to chase them down. Some breeds can even be […]

Keeping Your Pets Happy and Healthy When You Can’t Get Out As Much

Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash Your pets love it when you stay home. Whether it is a work-from-home situation, weekend, or day off, dogs appreciate spending every second with the person they adore. Of course, they also love getting outside to throw a frisbee in the park or take a long walk. But sometimes […]

How to Negotiate the Return of Your Lost Dog from a Rescue

So what would you do if you learned your lost dog wound up in a rescue or shelter and is now up for adoption?  As appalling as this sounds, it is something that can happen, believe it or not, and it is way more common than you would think. This is all the more reason […]

Agility Training

Agility Training Please see vet street fororiginal source.* There are many kinds of organized sports and activities that you can do with your dog. Dog agility is a competitive sport in which a person (handler) directs a dog through a timed obstacle course. Handlers and dogs race against the clock as the dogs jump hurdles, […]

Aggression in dogs

Dogs, renowned for their loyalty and companionship, are intricate beings with a myriad of emotions. But like all creatures, dogs too can exhibit aggression. Understanding this behavior is pivotal for ensuring the safety and well-being of both the canine and its human counterparts. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of dog aggression, encompassing […]

How to Become a Great First-Time Pet Owner

It’s always a good time to become a pet owner. Having a pet means having a companion, a friend to talk to, something to love that will love you back. But it’s also a big decision, so make sure you’re making the right decision by choosing the pet that’s just right for you. New to […]

Do you have a license for that dog?

What would you do if you got a home visit from the Animal Control Officer in your town and you had not yet licensed your dog? Animal Rescue control units are going into neighborhoods snagging up pets and making unannounced visits more and more frequently across the country as Municipalities in all 50 states are […]