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How to update my pet’s microchip?

So you finally got around to registering your pet’s microchip, but you don’t know where to register it?

No Problem we got you covered

  • How to check if my pets microchip is registered?
  • Were do I register my pets chip?
  • Which registry does my pets chip belong to?
  • How to update pet microchip?
  • How to change info on microchip?
  • Don’t know your pet’s microchip number? Click here to learn how to find it. 

Your pets microchip serves no purpose unless it’s registered in a database that is actively searched.

The first step is to see if the microchip is already registered. If your pet is already registered with Peeva, you will not be able to register it again. Peeva has a system of checks and balances in place to not be aiding and abetting in pet theft. You can learn more about that here. 

You can also head over to the AAHA Microchip Lookup Tool to enter the microchip number in the search bar. The tool will then tell you if the chip is registered and where. If the microchip is not registered the look up tool will provide you with a list of manufacturers that the chip possibly belonged to originally. You can then contact the potential manufacturer to learn how to register the chip. 

If your pet is not registered, the tool will tell you the name of the company the microchip could be associated with as well as their telephone number. You can then call them directly or register the microchip with them online for a nominal fee. Your pet will now be registered in that registry. This, unfortunately, will not ensure your pet will be found in the lookup tool or even if the suggested manufacturer is still operational. 

There are more microchip companies than there are microchip manufacturers

Many microchip companies purchase their chips from the same manufacturers then sell them under their own name, but the manufacturers assign the same generic 3 digit numeric prefix to each microchip ID making them impossible to track back to any particular microchip company. The AAHA Microchip Lookup Tool was developed in response to this. Although the Lookup Tool is not a registry, it is the first site where any veterinary professional or shelter worker will visit when trying to locate a pet’s rightful owner.  

Unfortunately, there’s a rub. Not all registries participate with the lookup tool and pet owners cannot register their pet’s microchip with the tool directly. The pet owner is required to register his or her pet with the primary registry the chip ID is associated with.  

Pet owners are often instructed to enter register their pet with as many online registries they possibly can to increase the odds of their pet being located in their database so they can be found. If finding out what the primary registry is seems like a lot of work… no worries. This is no longer necessary.

You can now register your pet’s microchip with Peeva.

Here’s how it works.

The Lookup Tool makes an API call to our central registry then displays our telephone number to the person performing the search.  A Peeva pet reunification specialist will then call you immediately.

Any pet that is registered with Peeva and scanned by any vet or shelter in Peeva’s national network will send the owner an instant notification via text and sms with the exact location details at the exact second the pet is scanned. 

Peeva: Where Lost Pets Find Their Way Home

Transform your pet’s microchip into a lifeline. 24/7 phone support and lost pet alerts ensure your pet gets the help they need, when they need it.

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