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The Importance of Those Daily Walks for you and your dog

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Walking your dog is a must. In addition to exercise, it provides you and your dog with socialization, and training opportunities. Once you’ve got a routine, your dog will absolutely remind you when it’s getting time for that walk. It gives them something to look forward to, and it helps them relax later, since they’re at least a little tired out. Read on for more info from Peeva about the benefits of walking your pup.

A Tired Dog Really is A Happy Dog

Besides feeding them, walking your dog is probably your number one responsibility toward your friend. Age and breed play a big role in the amount of exercise your dog needs. For example, sporting dogs have movement in their DNA, so 60 to 90 minutes of daily exercise is required, whereas smaller breeds tire far more easily. Age is a huge factor too, as puppies and seniors need far less physical activity than an adult dog to avoid injury to bones and joints. You owe it to your dog to keep up a daily routine so they can enjoy the accompanying health benefits.

Exercise between walks includes backyard time. If you have yet to install a fence, now’s the time to consider it, especially if you live on a busy street. Not only will a fence prevent your pup from running away, it will keep other animals (and people) out of your yard. Research fence installation pros near you by using online service directory Angi, which provides ratings and reviews — as well as contact information — of contractors and companies, giving you a head start in the selection process

Socialization is Important

Humans and dogs are social creatures, so a walk is the perfect way to get that much-needed social time with your neighbors and their dogs. It’s good for you to get out and see the things you miss when you drive past on your way to and from work. And, as Southern Living points out, it’s especially good for your dog to get out and experience all the smells.


A walk will clear your mind and center you, so that all the things that may have bothered you throughout the day don’t seem to matter so much. It’s such a simple thing that makes such a big difference, and it does the same for your dog too.

Walking is training

Before you set out, revisit your dog’s manners. Make sure Fido knows how to greet others properly and is responsive to your commands so that you remain in control. Use the walk as an opportunity to teach your pooch the right way to behave so that the walk remains enjoyable for both of you.


No matter how well-behaved your pooch is, you should always approach others (both humans and canines) with caution. Cesar’s Way suggests to always ask before letting your pooch engage. Once you’ve mastered socializing on-leash, you and your dog can try out other venues such as dog parks, hiking trails, beaches, and dog-friendly restaurants.

Add to the Family

If you haven’t been walking your dog twice per day, once is still better than nothing and it can still make a big difference. If you haven’t been walking your dog at all, you may need help. It’s true, there are days where that extra time and energy is hard to come by. If you find this to be true often, it may be time to bring a dog walker into the family.

If your job keeps you away from home for several hours during the day, you should consider a doggy daycare or dog walker. The dog walker comes to you, and they can help you with training, since they’ll spend time with your dog several times per week. Many dog walkers even use GPS monitoring, so you can see where and when your dog went that day.

Doggy daycare takes a little more effort, since you’ll have to pick them up and drop them off, but they’ll usually include a walk as part of the service, and your dog will get to socialize with other dogs all day. Some even offer grooming services, so your friend will always be looking their best.

However you get it done, make the daily dog walks a priority, and you’ll look forward to them too.

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