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This has led to a lack of scanning for microchips altogether.





We developed a universal scanner and cloud-based central registry that can read all brands of microchips regardless of their frequency, or encryption and pull up a pets complete medical history simply by scanning a microchip while instantly notifying pet owners whenever their pet’s microchip is scanned with the exact location, address, and telephone number of wherever it was scanned from, anywhere in the world, in seconds so they can get their pet’s back.

We are hiring. 

Creating a work environment that is open to ideas, creative solutions, and point counter point discussions before going forward with the best course of action is contingent on mutual respect. The way we work together is centered around our core values of collaborating, communicating, exceeding expectations (even our own), being humble, and having fun while we do it! You can’t create that environment without cool people. The goal is to enjoy ourselves, give back, and work (and play) hard together. If this sounds like the place for you, check out the details of the following positions we are looking to fill…. NOW!