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Peeva developed the world’s first and only standardized pet tracking system to find missing pets. 

Peeva makes use of the RFID tag system to find and save missing pets, bringing them home to their families as quickly as possible.



All patents pending or under exclusive license*

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Registered pet owners are instantly notified when their pet’s microchip is scanned with the exact address and telephone number from where their pet was scanned from in seconds.


We pair millions of pet microchip ID numbers with pet medical records in our central registry every single day.





Our microchips can be read by all microchip scanners.

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Your pet's medical records updated and pushed out to you in real time.


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By partnering with large data organizations and a corporate chain of veterinary hospitals to beta test our technology, Peeva is committed to ending the missing pet epidemic by developing technologies that streamline veterinary workflow.



We are hiring.


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Creating a work environment that is open to ideas, creative solutions, and point counter point discussions before going forward with the best course of action is contingent on mutual respect.  That is why we are seeking the BEST talent and rewarding it with opportunity accordingly.  Interested?