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Standardized Pet Tracking

Peeva makes use of microchips and pets’ medical records to ensure greater safety for pets.

Peeva is the world’s first and only standardized pet tracking system for veterinarians, pet owners and rescue shelters that make use of the RFID tag system to find and save missing pets, bringing them home to their families as quickly as possible.

Every pet owner should have the peace of mind in knowing that their pet’s microchip is scanned.

Lost pet statistics US

Lost pet statistics US

We are building a network with a critcal mass of data.

By partnering with large data organizations, leading corporations, academia, and leading veterinary organizations, Peeva is committed to ending the missing pet epidemic by streamlining veterinary workflow.

Millions of pet microchip identification numbers paired with their own medical records into one central registry and pet portal.

To resolve the missing pet problem a better system of data organization is needed and a critical mass of data is required. By pairing millions of pet microchip identification numbers with their own medical records into one central registry and pet portal, a simple scan with our Universal Scanner will instantly notify a registered pet’s owner of the exact address and phone number of where their pet was scanned from anywhere in the world in seconds.

We are the first and only company to read, record, analyze and catalog any brand of microchip regardless of the manufacturer.



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Peeva integrates with the leading Electronic Medical Records systems veterinarians already have in place.



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data safeguard

The data we obtain is provided only to vet offices who are trusted partners and have been onboarded through a vetting process. All information is only available behind login accounts and is not provided to the general public.

The database that retains the information is available only via a private network to the web server hosting the application and the Peeva development team which uses the data in question. The database is locked down from public access. Any time data is being transferred from the web server to the end-user, it is occurring via an encrypted connection.