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Our lost and found pet database is here to help you find your lost pet in Hamilton, Middletown, Fairfield, or wherever you might be in Butler County. Our user-friendly platform is designed to reunite lost pets with their worried families as quickly as possible.

Submitting a lost pet report or found pet information is simple and free. Simply fill out the online form with details about the pet, including their breed, color, any distinguishing features, and a clear picture. The more information you provide, the faster the chances of a happy reunion.


The Power of Microchipping in Butler County

Microchipping your pet is the best defense against losing it in the first place, despite Peeva’s lost and found database. This tiny chip, implanted painlessly between your pet’s shoulder blades, stores a unique identification number linked to your contact information. If your pet ever goes missing and ends up at a shelter or veterinary clinic in Hamilton, Middletown, Fairfield, or any other Butler County location, a quick scan with a microchip reader can reunite you with your furry friend in no time.

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Submit your post for approval and we will publish it on our website. In the post title field, specify if the pet is lost or found. In the post content field, include: 

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Microchipping for Swift Recovery

In these instances, a microchip is invaluable. Peeva’s microchips not only store essential information for identification but also, when registered with Peeva, enable us to send instant lost pet alerts to our extensive network of partners, including local shelters and pet owners. 

Community Engagement

We encourage Brevard County residents to collaborate. By monitoring your area and reporting sightings on our platform, you contribute significantly to reuniting lost pets with their families.

Immediate Action Steps

If your pet is lost, post on our database with a clear description and the last known location. Also, check with local shelters and inform nearby veterinarians.

Let's Make a Difference

Our aim is to foster a supportive community network in Brevard County, streamlining the process of finding lost pets. Quick action, combined with local support and resources like Peeva's microchip registration, can significantly increase the likelihood of a joyful reunion.

Here's how microchipping offers peace of mind for you and your pet:

Universally Recognized: Microchips are recognized by shelters and veterinary clinics across the country, increasing the chances of your pet being identified no matter how far they may wander.

Permanent Identification: Unlike collars and tags that can fall off or become lost, microchips offer a permanent and reliable form of identification for your pet’s entire life.

Peace of Mind: Knowing your pet is microchipped provides immense peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy walks, playtime in your Butler County backyard, or adventures further afield with the confidence that if they ever get lost, you’ll have a much greater chance of being reunited.

Increase Your Chances of a Reunion: Partnering with Local Shelters

While Peeva’s lost and found database is a great resource, don’t forget about the dedicated staff at your local animal shelters in Butler County. Here’s how these shelters can assist you in finding your lost pet or rehoming a found one:

Lost Pet? Report Immediately: Contact the Butler County Humane Society or Animal Friends Humane Society as soon as possible to file a lost pet report. Provide detailed information about your pet’s appearance, temperament, and any microchip information. These shelters keep track of lost pet reports and can help reunite you with your furry friend if they are found by animal control or another resident.

Found a Pet? Don’t Hesitate to Help: If you come across a lost pet in Butler County, contact Animal Friends Humane Society to check their lost reports and see if the pet has been reported missing. They can advise you on the next steps, which may involve taking the animal to the shelter for a quick scan to see if it has a microchip.

Lost & Found Pet

Beyond the Basics: Broaden Your Search for Your Lost Pet

In addition to Peeva’s database and local shelters, here are some additional resources to maximize your chances of reuniting with your lost pet in Butler County:

Spread the Word Online: Utilize social media platforms like Facebook and Nextdoor to share information about your lost pet. Create eye-catching posts with clear pictures and details about your pet’s last known location.

Put Up “Lost Pet” Posters: Print flyers with your pet’s picture and contact information. Distribute them in your neighborhood, at local pet stores, and veterinary clinics. The wider the net you cast, the better the chance someone might recognize your lost pet.

Contact Local Veterinarians and Groomers: Let veterinary clinics and groomers in the area know your pet is missing, especially those in your neighborhood or frequented by your pet. Staff members may be able to keep an eye out for your furry friend during their workday.

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