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Are you grieving over the loss of your pet? Don’t panic! Whether your playful Beagle bolted in Brookville or your adventurous kitty vanished near the Levitt Pavilion, Peeva’s here to help reunite Dayton pets with their loving families.

Our user-friendly lost and found pet database is completely free and designed for fast action. Simply submit details and pictures of your lost pet, or browse found pet listings for a furry face you recognize. From cuddly Cavalier King Charles Spaniels to mischievous Maine Coons, Peeva can bridge the gap between lost and loved in Dayton!


Never Play Hide-and-Seek with Your Heart: Microchip Your Pet in Dayton!

Imagine this: You’re enjoying a frisbee session with your pup at Hills & Dales Park, but suddenly they take off after a squirrel! Your heart races as you realize your furry friend isn’t wearing a collar. Lost pet chills shoot down your spine. Don’t let this become your reality!

Microchipping is your pet’s superhero cape in disguise. This quick, safe procedure embeds a tiny chip under their skin, containing a unique ID readable by any vet or shelter in Dayton, like the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center or the Humane Society of Greater Dayton. Here’s why microchipping is the ultimate pawsitive move for Dayton pet parents:

Instant Superhero Status: Lost your mischievous kitty near the Levitt Pavilion, or your adventurous pup near Eastwood Park? A microchip instantly identifies your pet, turning frantic searching into a joyful reunion.

Nationwide Network of Heroes: Pets can be wanderers! A microchip ensures your furry friend can be identified and returned to you, no matter where their travels take them in the US.

Love that Lasts a Lifetime: Unlike collars and tags that can slip off, a microchip is a permanent bond with your pet, offering peace of mind for years to come.

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Microchipping for Swift Recovery

In these instances, a microchip is invaluable. Peeva’s microchips not only store essential information for identification but also, when registered with Peeva, enable us to send instant lost pet alerts to our extensive network of partners, including local shelters and pet owners. 

Community Engagement

We encourage Brevard County residents to collaborate. By monitoring your area and reporting sightings on our platform, you contribute significantly to reuniting lost pets with their families.

Immediate Action Steps

If your pet is lost, post on our database with a clear description and the last known location. Also, check with local shelters and inform nearby veterinarians.

Let's Make a Difference

Our aim is to foster a supportive community network in Brevard County, streamlining the process of finding lost pets. Quick action, combined with local support and resources like Peeva's microchip registration, can significantly increase the likelihood of a joyful reunion.

Unleash the Pawsitive Power of Dayton's Animal Advocates!

Finding your lost pet can feel like chasing butterflies through a hurricane. Don’t fret, fellow animal lover! Dayton’s brimming with compassionate organizations dedicated to reuniting furry friends with their families. Here’s your ultimate guide to tapping into their pawsome resources:

The Humane Society of Greater Dayton: Think of them as Sherlock Holmes for lost pets! Call them at [937-268-PETS] (7387) to file a missing pet report. If your furry friend wanders into their haven, they’ll be the first to recognize them.

SICSA (Saving Injured Cats & Stray Animals): These folks are superheroes for lost critters! Located at 8172 Washington Church Rd. (give them a call at [937-294-6505] if you’re feeling frantic), they have a special lost and found program that might just have your missing pet waiting for cuddles. They’re open Monday-Saturday from noon to 7 pm, and Sundays from noon to…well, that detail remains a mystery for now, so best call to confirm!

Keep Your Pet Safe & Adventurous: Essential Tips for Dayton Pet Owners

Microchipping and lost and found resources are crucial, but prevention is always the best medicine! Here are some tips to keep your furry friend safe and happy while exploring the Gem City:

Secure your yard: Ensure fences are strong and gates latch properly. Even the most well-behaved pet can become a Houdini in the face of an enticing squirrel!

ID tags are lifesavers: Always keep your pet’s collar on with updated ID tags, including your phone number and pet’s name.

Harness for outdoor adventures: For leash walks or hikes, a harness provides more control and prevents injuries compared to a collar alone.

Regular vet checkups: Ensure your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date, including rabies, which can be a legal requirement in Ohio.

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