What is Peeva Fetch?

Peeva Fetch! is a secure and permissions-based PIMS-integrated solution where millions of pet microchip identification numbers are paired with their own pet medical records. 

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Check the chip

  1. Scan every pet that is examined for a microchip.

The pet’s rightful owner is instantly notified

Whenever a pet’s microchip is scanned, the pet owner will receive an instant notification via text and email to their smart phone with the name of the veterinary practice or shelter where a pet was scanned from, the address, and telephone number and a map with the exact location from anywhere in the world in seconds.

Peeva instant notification.png

Peeva instantly shows a pet’s patient alert and detailed medical history.

Peeva Fetch

Peeva Fetch


Instant access to pet medical information by scanning any brand of microchip.

You now have the exchange of a pet’s complete medical history happening instantaneously with unfettered access to an incredible amount of information in this intutive easy to use menu driven system that displays everything from

  • Vital Patient Alerts to a pet's complete medical history

  • All check-ins

  • All communications and check ins

  • All SOAP Notes

  • All physical examinations

  • All Diagnosis, Lab Work, Blood Work, and the results of those

  • All Dietaries

  • All Medications

  • Patients’ scan history 

It is important to note, this is unfettered access to veterinarians with certain login privileges as an over abundance of information given to a pet owner will open your office to a floodgate of phone calls questioning your every move. 

You can also order microchips, make suggestions to us. 

You have a pet’s full vaccination history, as well as the date given, visit history, all diagnosis, all dietaries, all lab diagnostics, blood work, and the results of those, all prescriptions, and their complete scan history. 

Omni search

We also have this omni search feature where you can search for the client name, pet name, phone, address, and other imperative information. 

What we developed works. 

We are the first and only company to read, record, catalog, and analze and brand of microchip regardless of the manufacturer. The ability to pull up a pet’s complete medical history simply by scanning any brand of microchip ensures pet owners that their pet’s microchip will be scanned and read because it streamlines workflow, eliminates redundancy, and frees up veterinary professionals time to give pet patients the time and individual attention they deserve.

Compiling all this fragmented data together into one central location has numerous benefits to your practice and ensures pet owners that their microchips are going to be scanned and read so they can get their pets back.

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