Peeva's Lost Pet Alert: Your Partner in Finding Missing Pets Quickly

Swift Alerts to Reunite Lost Pets

Reuniting lost pets has never been easier. Instantly dispatch automated alerts to every pet care professional within a 50-mile radius of your pet’s last known location directly from your dashboard. Our advanced system ensures that our alerts reach their intended recipients without bouncing or getting lost in spam folders.


Automated Alerts

From your dashboard, share your pet's picture and vital information with every pet care professional within a 50-mile radius of your pet's last known location.

Instant Notification

Get notified by text and email the very moment your pet is scanned. These notifications include precise location details and a live location on a map.


Track where your alert was sent, monitor the delivery rate, and assess the open rate. See who has viewed the alert and who hasn't, empowering you to follow up.

Pet Recovery Process

Lost Pet Hotline: Dedicated Support for Pet Reunification

Telephone support is an essential component of any reputable Pet Recovery Service. Their presence can truly be the difference between life and death for a pet, depending on the shelter where the pet is found. Our dedicated Pet Reunification Specialists are available around the clock to handle calls.

Pet Recovery Process

  1. If you’re unsure if your pet is registered, verify enrollment.
  2. If you haven’t already, register your pet. It only takes 2 minutes!
  3. From your dashboard, send an automated lost pet alert.

Our commitment is to provide pet owners with the utmost assurance that they will be promptly contacted if their pet ends up at a vet or shelter outside of our network by making our public API accessible to other legitimate registries. You can reach us at any time by calling 833.PEEVA.CO (833.733.8226).