Microchip IDs Paired with Medical Records

Peeva Fetch: The world’s first and only central pet microchip registry with unified electronic health records for your pets.

Secure & Permissions-Based PIMS-Integrated Solution

Peeva Fetch integrates millions of pet microchip IDs with their complete medical records, all housed in a centralized database. We seamlessly integrate with the leading systems already used by veterinarians. Each Peeva 134.2 kHz microchip boasts a unique 15-digit ID number, aligning with international standards of animal identification (ISO 11784/ISO 11785). These microchips are tested and certified by the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR).

When paired with Peeva Fetch, our microchip solution becomes the linchpin for precise animal identification. Every Peeva microchip is registered on-site, ensuring accurate and immediate registration. Scanning is required to eliminate the human error often associated with manual entry. Plus, every registered microchip in our international pet recovery database means pet owners are swiftly notified of their pet’s location, thanks to our ever-growing network.

Empowering Pet Owners and Veterinarians Alike

Pet owners can rest assured knowing that their pet’s medical records are readily available to veterinary professionals, whenever and wherever needed. Whether traveling across time zones, at doggy daycare, or the pet groomer, pet owners can retrieve their pet’s vaccination history and the last administered date directly from their smartphone, making pet care more convenient than ever.

Find Your Vet & Add Back Up Contacts

You can now quickly locate your vet through our online portal and add them to your profile. If your vet is in our network, your pet’s entire medical history will automatically sync to your pet’s profile. You can also add two additional contacts to your profile that will be notified if we cannot contact you. Your trusted contacts will be notified if we cannot contact you. This added layer of protection ensures your pet is returned to you quickly and safely.

Millions of Microchip IDs Paired with Pet Medical Records in One Central Database

We take pride in being pioneers who read, record, analyze, and catalog any brand of microchip, regardless of the manufacturer. We’re setting the standard by championing microchip scanning. Our goal is to enhance the well-being of pets and expedite the reunion of lost pets with their owners by streamlining the transfer of vital health information.

Features & Functions

Peeva’s registry, Fetch, is the most comprehensive pet recovery system and centralized data solution in the industry.

Universal System

Peeva is the first and only truly universal microchipping system. Peeva proudly reads, records, analyzes, and catalogs any brand of microchip, irrespective of the manufacturer.

Centralized Data

We unite millions of microchip IDs with pet medical records while guaranteeing that every microchip can be scanned. The complete life history of your pet is readily accessible.

Lifetime Enrollment

Secure a lifetime listing in our US and Canadian pet recovery database, all without renewal fees, hidden charges, or upsells. Your pet's protection is our commitment, for good!

Lost Pet Alerts

Send an automated alert with your pet's picture, microchip ID, and your contact information to every pet care professional within a 50-mile radius of your pet's last known location.

Medical Records

Keep your pet's medical records up-to-date and easy-to-reach. Say goodbye to tracking medications and vaccinations. Easily retrieve your pet's medical history through your smartphone.

24/7/365 Support

Our dedicated pet reunification specialists work around the clock 24/7/365 to bring lost pets back home as quickly and safely as possible. We are always here when you need us most!

Instant Notifications

Receive a notification the instant your pet's microchip is scanned that includes the name of the veterinary practice or shelter, along with their address and telephone number.


Accessing your pet's vaccination history is a breeze on your smartphone. This convenience proves invaluable when traveling, needing medical treatment, at doggy daycare, or the pet groomer.

Better Pet Care

Veterinarians can access vital health information with a simple microchip scan, allowing them to provide swift, accurate, and improved care for your precious pet.