Pet Owner Confidentiality

If you are looking for information on Peeva’s privacy policy and terms of service please visit those pages directly.

We are essentially resolving a data problem with a critical mass of data. This, of course, leaves veterinarians and pet owners alike with many questions about the data we have, how we obtain it, how we use it, how we display it, and what we do with it.

By partnering with leading organizations in the pet and technology space, and high volume hospitals we have the ability to aggregate very large data sets into Peeva Fetch, our secure and permissions-based PIMS-integrated solution where millions of pet microchip identification numbers can be paired with their own pet medical records in one centralized database.

The data we obtain is provided only to vet offices who are trusted partners and have been onboarded through a vetting process. All information is only available behind login accounts and is not provided to the general public.

The database that retains the information is available only via a private network to the web server hosting the application and the Peeva development team which uses the data in question. The database is locked down from public access. Any time data is being transferred from the web server to the end-user, it is occurring via an encrypted connection.

Pet Owner Data

All pets that are registered with Peeva are done so with the owners consent every step along the way and all pet owners are required to agree to our privacy policy and terms of service as part of the registration process.

  • Owners of pets that are chipped with other brands are invited by the hospital to confirm their accounts at no cost to the practice or the pet owner
  • All Peeva microchips are registered on site and auto-enrolled into the AAHA Pet Microchip Lookup Tool.

Pet owner data is entered into Peeva manually and voluntarily by the pet owner at their own discretion. This includes personal contact information such as; their mobile telephone number, preferred email, additional details they can add about their pet, their pet’s photo, and trusted back up contacts. Trusted back up contacts will also be required to agree to our privacy policy and terms of service .

Pet Owner Privacy

Every pet owner that agrees to enroll their pet into Peeva is required to agree to our terms of service and privacy policy before going through with the registration process. In doing so they acknowledge, agree, and consent and “opt-in” to receive SMS and email instant notifications from us (Peeva will instantly notify pet owners whenever their pet’s microchip is scanned with the exact address and telephone number from wherever it was their pet was scanned from in seconds). Pet owners will also have the option to turn these notifications off in their account settings page.

Pet owners will also agree (or not) agree to have their contact information displayed including their physical resident address to the veterinary user. They will also have the option to change or delete this information in their account settings at any time.

Pet Data (Macro)

We have very detailed information about the number of pets that are seen at each veterinary location on a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis, and the number of new pet patients that are seen within these time frames. We also have of the ratio of pets that are currently microchipped vs not microchipped also broken down by species as well as the number of dogs and cats (for example) that are seen no less than twice per year at each location.

From this information, we can predict what our success rate will be.

Pet Data (Individual)

We have access to an incredible amount of detail about each individual pet. In addition to the breed, species, D.O.B.gender, spay/neuter history we also have:

  • Medical Alerts
  • Medical History
  • Vaccinations
  • Visit History
  • Diagnoses
  • Dietaries
  • Lab diagnsostics / results
  • prescriptions

The Data We Do Not Have

  • Social Demographic Information
  • Transaction information
  • Price information
  • Pet owner spend
  • Pet owner payment methods
  • Hospital spend
  • Any type of payment information

The Data Veterinarians Do Not Have Access To

  • Internal communications at other veterinary practices
  • Price information
  • No pet owner information outside their organization
  • No Pet records outside their own organization except on a one off basis when scanning an individual pet for a microchip

Any veterinarian in the Peeva network CAN pull up any pet’s complete medical history from any other veterinary provider in the Peeva network; however, veterinary providers CAN NOT manually search for pet records from any other hospital. Pet medical records can only be evoked if the pet is present and scanned for a microchip.

How We Display Data

Coexisting Data

  • Peeva displays data we pull into our system from VetData alongside our own data
  • Both data types coexist in harmony and cannot overwrite each other.
  • Peeva has read access to the data we pull in from VetData only and can not overwrite it
  • The data we pull in from Vet Data can not overwrite Peeva data

Pet Owner Access

  • Pet owner can view details about his or her pet only
  • Pet owner has limited access to his or her own pet’s medical information

What We Do With Data

We build products and services to save missing pets to bring them back to their families as quickly as possible. We will never sell data ro make it available to anyone.