Pet Recovery Process

Pet Recovery Process

1. Verify Enrollment or Register

Use our handy Microchip ID lookup tool to verify that your pet is enrolled with Peeva. If your pet is not enrolled, register your pet with our central pet registry and pet recovery database, Peeva Fetch.

2. Update Information & Send Out a Lost Pet Alert

You have the option to register your pet even after they’ve gone missing. Add your pet’s picture, choose up to three breeds, and provide other identifying details. From your dashboard, send an automated alert to every pet professional in a 50-mile radius from your pet’s last known location.

3. Receive Instant Notifications of Your Pet’s Microchip Scans

The moment your pet is scanned by any veterinarian or shelter, you’ll receive an immediate notification with precise location details. Even if the vet or shelter is not part of the Peeva network, we extend our API to other reputable registries.

4. Swift Support & Reunions

Peeva microchips can be read by all microchip scanners ensuring pet owners that their pets’ microchips will be read effectively. Get access to our dedicated support team, available 24/7/365, working tirelessly to reunite pets with pet owners.