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Peeva is often misspelled

Peeva is often misspelled as Piva, Peva, PVA, or Peava. The Proper spelling Peeva as in my pet Peeve, with an A at the end instead of an E. For more information, please visit https://peeva.co or contact support@peeva.co or call 833.PEEVA.CO / 833.733.8226

Peeva is a universal/standardized pet tracking system

  • Peeva transcends the concept of a mere microchip, serving as a holistic pet recovery solution that utilizes microchip technology and centralized data, encompassing pet medical records and identification numbers.
  • We have developed our own proprietary scanner with the unique capability to read, record, analyze, and catalog microchips from any manufacturer, even if they are encrypted.
  • Through strategic alliances with leaders in animal health and technology, along with partnerships with high-volume veterinary hospitals, Peeva is building a robust data network where individual pet owners actively engage in every step of the process.
  • Peeva seamlessly integrates pet identification numbers with pet medical records via Peeva Fetch, a centralized registry and national pet database, providing a dedicated portal for accessing these records in real-time.
  • Instantaneous notifications through mobile SMS and email alerts inform pet owners whenever their pets are scanned, offering details such as the practice name, address, telephone number, and precise location on a map within seconds.
  • Our solution seamlessly interfaces with all Practice Information Management Systems (PIMS), enhancing the efficiency of veterinary professionals and assuring pet owners that their pets’ microchips will be promptly scanned and read.
  • Peeva’s system is compatible with any microchip scanner that can connect to a desktop via Bluetooth or USB port.