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The Issue with Microchip Scanners

Problem: Lack of an ISO Standard (overview)

Standardizing RFID

Microchips are an extremely reliable technolgy that could work 100% of the time if scanned and properly registered; However, not all microchips can be read by all scanners.

Why microchips (and everything you need to know about pet microchips)

Unfortunately, different microchip companies are all competing for market share with different microchips, different scanners, different frequencies in which they operate, different cataloging systems, and separate registries.

No true universal scanner to date could read the range of microchips encountered by veterinarians and shelters when they received missing pets. And if a code could be read that code then would need to be written down and multiple websites would need to be visited until a match was found. That registry would then need to be called, most registries don’t operate 24/7, and calls are placed on hold for long periods of time. Veterinarians do not have the time, staff or resources to accommodate for the overall process. Please see data problem.

Further… The Animal Welfare Act does not authorize the USDA-APHIS to regulate private pet ownership and concluded that it cannot mandate a national standard for pet microchips or scanners. There have been various attempts to petition this law by various factions and numerous initiatives to introduce new laws by other factions- for at least 13 years.


  • Peeva developed a universal scanner that can read any brand of microchip regardless of the frequency or level of encryption.
  • Our microchips are universal
  • Our software works with any scanner that can connect to a desktop
  • We are the first and only company to read, record, analyze, and catalog any brand of microchip regardless of the manufacturer
  • Any veterinary professional in our growing network can pull up a pet’s complete medical history by scanning the pet for a microchip

Ultimate Protection for Your Pet

Maximize the utility of your pet’s microchip with Peeva. Our 24/7 phone support lost pet alerts, and medical records ensure your pet is found faster.

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