Shelter intake Data Management

The purpose of a shelter is to reunite missing pets with their families. First off, this is impossible without the right equipment. Second, current classification/ categorization management is completely inefficient and almost negligent for kill shelters like the ASPCA. Please see data driven ways to keep pets out of shelters

Peeva can first off read all brands of pet microchips and instantly notify rightful pet owners whenever their pet is scanned - telling them wherever their pet's chip was scanned from -  anywhere on the globe - so they can get their pet back. 

One of the features we have been building out with "Peeva-fetch" is a better classification system for pet owners when registering their pet's microchip with Peeva. For example- there are several different pure breeds of dogs, but obviously even more mixed breeds. For example a labradoodle for example (obviously a lab and poodle mix)- designer dog or not- is mixed breed as is a puggle etc.... 

What’s more is the macro classification or categorization processes that shelters have in place when receiving lost pet will then take pure bred dogs and mixed breeds and split them into 8 sub genres.  An eyeball judgement of breed type is over generalized and mismanaged. An owner of a lost dog or cat could call or even show up at the shelter where their pet has turned up and they “may not have it” because their lazy and negligent intake procedures. That is absolutely disturbing.

Peeva-fetch are detailed registry is specifically refined a feature that all shelters will have as part of their peeva subscription privileges.

With Peeva, pet owners will be able to check off multiple boxes when registering their pets into our system. Pet owners will also be able to upload pictures of their pets and can type in specific distinguishing characteristics of their pet; such as a feline with tiger stripes and 2 white front paws can be viewed and automatically categories when pet’s chip is scanned at intake and of course the rightful pet owner will also be notified regardless when scanned.

For shelters we also hope they will write more descriptive information at intake. By  the way- a pet that winds up in a shelter that is not relinquished is not a stray. No offense to the non kill shelters. We love you and we hope you will love us too.