The impossible made possible.

Imagine having the the ability to access a pet’s complete medical history simply by scanning a microchip.

We are building a national network with a critical mass of data through our national partnership agreements.

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“Veterinarians that are busy are going to try to find ways to reduce costs, streamline workflow, reduce redundancy, and improve their return on investment. Now they can have all this information at their fingertips instantly. It truly is revolutionary.”

- James Albert DVM 


Millions of pet microchip ID’s paired with their own medical records in one central registry.

A simple scan with our Universal Scanner will instantly notify a registered pet’s owner of the exact address and phone number of where their pet was scanned from anywhere in the world in seconds.

Peeva is Universal

All patents pending or under exclusive license.

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on your desktop

We are the first to read, record, catalog, and analyze any brand of microchip regardless of the manufacturer.


Peeva makes your job easier.