Peeva is the world’s first and only standardized pet identification system.

Peeva makes use of the RFID tag system and pet medical records to bring missing pets back home as quickly as possible.


Any veterinary practice in our network can scan any brand of microchip to access any pet’s medical record that is registered in our system and instantly notify the pet’s owner of the address, telephone number, and the exact location on a map the exact second the chip is scanned.

The leading cause of pet death is pets that go missing.

Lost pet statistics US-   Learn more

Lost pet statistics US- Learn more

Peeva is Universal

  • We are the first and only company to read, record, anaylze, and catalog any brand of microchip regardless of the manufacturer

  • Our microchips can be read by all scanners

  • Our system works with any microchip scanner that can connect to a desktop via Bluetooth or USB port

Peeva is Integrative

  • We can pair millions of microchip identifications numbers with their own medical records into Peeva Fetch! our secure and permissions-based PIMS-integrated solution and centralized database

  • Peeva is easy to use and works well with all PIMS and is a further extension to those services

Data Safeguard and Critcal Mass.

The pet problem is ultimately a data problem and to resolve the data problem a critical mass of data is required. Veterinarins lack access to raw data and the ability to pull it all together. By partnering with leading organizations in the pet and technology space such as Covetrus and high volume hospitals we are scaling quickly.


Veterinarians can NOT manually search for records at other hospitals. The pet needs to be present to for the microchip to be scanned. For questions about the data we have, how we obtain it, how we use it, how we display it, and what we do with it. Please visit

The ability to access vital health information by scanning a microchip has many benefits

  • Saves time and streamlines workflow by making the transfer of vital health information quick and easy

  • Reduces costs by eliminating redundancy and time waisted on archaic functions

  • Provides better health and safety for pets

  • Ensures pet owners that their pet’s microchips will be read and in the event their pets ever go missing so they can be reunited as quickly as possbile.

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“Any veterinarian that is looking to streamline workflow, reduce costs, eliminate internal redundancy, and be prepared to take on an influx of new business will want to make use of this universally standardized pet identification system. Millions of pet owners will be able to receive instant mobile notifications with their pet's exact whereabouts in real time as their pets' microchips are scanned. It truly is revolutionary.”

- James Albert DVM 

Partner with us!

  • Give pet owners the peace of mind that they will receive instant notification of their pet’s location in the event that they are lost

  • You can scan any brand of microchip to access the complete medical history of any pet that is registered in our system

  • Grow your business!

How it works?

  • Peeva offers our service to owners of pets that are already chipped with other brands at no cost to the pet owner or the hospital

  • Owners of pets that are chipped with other brands are invited by your hospital to confirm their accounts at no cost to your practice or the pet owner

  • All pets that are implanted with a Peeva microchip are registered on site and auto-enrolled into the AAHA Pet Microchip Lookup Tool

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