Why Microchip Your Pet

Out of all the technologies that have been developed, marketed and sold to pet owners over the past 30 years, microchips have the most potential to help bring pets home.

The Only Permanent Form of Identification for Pets

Microchips stand as the only permanent form of pet identification. Unlike GPS, they don’t depend on an external power source, have no moving parts, and never require recharging. Microchips are immune to falling off or being removed from a collar, and they don’t tarnish or become unreadable over time, ensuring enduring and reliable identification for your pet.

Not All Microchips Can be Read by All Scanner

Our Microchips CAN be Read by All Scanners

How does Peeva recover pets?

In the unfortunate event that your pet goes missing, Peeva ensures you’ll receive a notification the second your pet is scanned. These notifications include important details such as the address, telephone number, and exact location on a map. Your pet’s safety and prompt reunion are our top priorities.