About Us

We are dedicated to ending the missing pet epidemic with cutting-edge and reliable solutions, catering to the needs of pet owners, veterinarians, shelters, and rescues.

Initiatives Worth Addressing

Get Pets Back Home

The pain of losing a pet is a torment like no other. Having pet identification could mean the difference between a joyful reunion and never seeing your cherished companion again.

Avoid Theft & Deaths

We have a mission to reunite lost pets with their families and find homes for those left behind. Yet, pet theft and shelter euthanasia cast shadows on this hope. A pet recovery system could save lives and reunite hearts.

Save Time, Raise Money

Veterinarians need to optimize their precious time and resources while uncovering new revenue opportunities, all while enhancing the care provided to pets who arrive without any identification or medical history.

Challenges: Fragmentation, Standardization, Incompatibility

While microchips hold the key to solving problems, the industry remains fragmented, lacks standardization, and struggles with user-friendliness. In general, the veterinary field lags behind other industries in embracing technological advancements.

Microchips have the potential to achieve a 100% success rate when scanned and registered correctly. However, the strategic incompatibility of various microchip brands means there was no universal scanner capable of reading the full spectrum of microchips encountered by pet care professionals.

Consequently, both vets and shelters have been hesitant to fully embrace microchipping. This lack of faith in the system has led veterinarians to be less proactive in promoting microchipping, while pet owners remain skeptical about registering their pets in a system with limited success rates.

Medical records and other essential data are currently scattered and rely on outdated processes like faxing and keeping hard-copy documents. This reliance on archaic methods hinder veterinarians and shelters from giving the high-quality care at the speed pets deserve.

Peeva Bridges the Gap by Bringing Innovation to the Forefront

Peeva proudly introduces the world’s first centralized pet identification and medical records registry, pet recovery system, and universal microchip and scanner solution, uniting pet owners and pet professionals through an integrated platform.

This system ties together the pet recovery process in a way that was previously unattainable. Our cloud-based pet registry stores millions of microchip IDs and seamlessly pairs them with complete pet medical records. The capability for veterinarians to access a pet’s complete medical history with a simple microchip scan encourages regular usage and tracking.

Our universal scanner and microchip, in conjunction with our instant notification system, pushes alerts to pet owners when their pet is scanned and pet professionals when a pet is flagged as lost. We provide pet owners with peace of mind, foster stronger bonds between pet owners and pet professionals, optimize operations for pet professionals, and ultimately enhance the well-being and return of pets.

Meet the Team

Founders, Team & Advisors

Peeva Hamilton


Peeva is the best dog ever and the name of this company. 64% of all Americans think their dogs and cats are the best as well.

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Michael Hamilton

Founder and CEO

Prior to turning to entrepreneurship, Michael developed more than a decade of experience in New York managing litigation support and E-Discovery projects for some of the nations largest law firms and corporations. Michael’s experience includes work over the past decade at Bloomberg LP, Wolters Kluwer and DTI Global. He has worked in consulting, business development (at the Sales, Management, and Director levels) competitive intelligence, legal and regulatory compliance, eDiscovery, and litigation support.

Mike Wienick


Mike is an experienced operator and entrepreneur with 5 successful exits. He has launched, grown, and sold multiple companies including an outsourced sales firm, a digital marketing agency, and an e-commerce business. He’s also led teams driving growth, operations, and culture. He lives in Washington state with his 2 kids, 2 dogs, crested gecko, and hamster.

Ian Grabill


Ian is a seasoned technologist with over a decade-long track record in leading engineering teams and driving technology strategy. Skilled in multiple programming languages, product design, and system architecture, he has been instrumental in founding, building and scaling businesses in fintech, healthcare, SaaS, vet-tech and e-commerce. His seven-year leadership in technology at a ticket resale company was a key factor in its eventual successful exit. As the CTO of Peeva, Ian combines technical expertise with strategic insight to align technology development with business goals and market trends.

William Heimbigner

Tech Lead

William began dabbling with technology by reading the MS-DOS manual when he was 5 years old, and has been working with IT ever since – ranging from network penetration testing, to helpdesk support, to on-site IT support for small businesses, to contracts to Google and Instacart. He is now overseeing all of Peeva’s IT infrastructure and personnel. In his free time, he enjoys finding creative ways to use microcontrollers for pet health monitoring, and he and his partner take care of their 2 guinea pigs, 2 Syrian hamsters, 1 dwarf hamster, and 2 African pygmy dormice.